Embracing ya Roots

It has been within the very core of my every fiber since the loss of my uncle that we must be reminded of our “roots”  The lessons, the long talks, the lectures, the time you have with your family is —priceless.  Holding onto those moments will guide your through your path(s) of multiple roads you travel in this life.  Knowing who you are and being true to yourself and inhabiting respect for yourself and others is a generous helping of wisdom.  Embracing the spirit of great matriarch and patriarchs that architecture your very being within is what makes you, “you”.  I smile and am comforted in all the many lessons my uncle taught me rather he told me or simply displayed it within his character.  To love your family is to love yourself and enhance the love from whence you came.

Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones**



6 Replies to “Embracing ya Roots”

  1. Oh yes, we have to treasure the moments and time, because it’s so precious. It can slip away from so fast. Sharing and caring for one another is very important. Love your family. Sometime when it comes to mind, pick up the phone, email, or send a card as my sister use to do for; and I miss that so much. Let someone know how much you care and love them. “No man is an island”.

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