Decadence of Your Dreams

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings,

I am reminded today in observance of MLK day and his multiple missions, that we must continue to be the change that Martin so desired for you and me….and all of God’s children… Tasting the flavors of your passions and putting together those infinite recipes of changes in your life and creating change for the greater in our communities, our families, our churches-OUR WORLD…. I dare you to dream and make it come alive…..Apply oneself with every fiber in your very being and I promise you, life will surely taste more sweeter and those flavors, honeychile, will never bore your palette of growing and maturing to be the best “you” you can ultimately be….Shakesphere quoted it so eloquently and truthfully and I live by it at all times..”to thine ownself, be true”…

Peace & Love & Infinite Blessings,

1MOpoeticSoul (Monique D.)


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