Listening To The Voice Within

Listening To The Voice Within.


Listening To The Voice Within

Greetings & Blessings Beautiful Ones,

Here’s my thought for today…..God is speaking and it is imperative that we open our ears and simply…..LISTEN! Soak that thought into you soul and mind and it shall shed light from within that radiates light from outside…..

Love & Blessings

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D.

Shed Your Fear

Peace & Blessing Beautiful Beings,

Its a brand new day and the reminder of a lesson that is a continual cycle of learning a thought that is so powerful it never expires… Shed you fear.. See what I come to know very well and continue to realize is that thing called “fear” can prevent us from prevailing. Fear also prevents positive preserverance.  You must tune into your inner woman or inner man and be able to stare fear dead in the eye, and say with much power – KICK ROCKS…  You are the only one that check fear and relinquish its presence and dismiss its arrival…. True it is indeed a struggle and a task that only that strong truly armored and stepping with the angels that lined at every angle of your position.. BUT, be ready to go to war and kick fear’s butt and shed it to smithereens.  Breathe some breaths of release and move forward in your purpose and listen to the Maker for directions and actions of engagement….

Peace & Love


Pursuing Purpose

Peace & Blessing Beautiful Ones:

Today’s a brand new day…Never seen not even forecast(ed) within our regime… I am reminded that each day is a “new” day.. And we as beings, must take “not” for granted what we are able to do…Take life by the hand and journey on the path of possibilities and within the path of the divine, for which he has directed for us- if only we notice the directions from what our spiritual compass whispers within us.  Pursue your purpose with passion and with action of positivity.  Productivity is detrimental to putting a plan into an action with purpose.  Allow your passion to fuel you up along the way.  Postpone absolutely nothing for the purpose  that has been placed within you to pursue.  Go forth and be the difference you desire to occur and see.  Walk tall and be reminded that you got spiritual warriors with wings in your midst.  Tune into your spiritual interior and see just how amazing the pursuit shall be.


Peace & Grace