Pursuing Purpose

Peace & Blessing Beautiful Ones:

Today’s a brand new day…Never seen not even forecast(ed) within our regime… I am reminded that each day is a “new” day.. And we as beings, must take “not” for granted what we are able to do…Take life by the hand and journey on the path of possibilities and within the path of the divine, for which he has directed for us- if only we notice the directions from what our spiritual compass whispers within us.  Pursue your purpose with passion and with action of positivity.  Productivity is detrimental to putting a plan into an action with purpose.  Allow your passion to fuel you up along the way.  Postpone absolutely nothing for the purpose  that has been placed within you to pursue.  Go forth and be the difference you desire to occur and see.  Walk tall and be reminded that you got spiritual warriors with wings in your midst.  Tune into your spiritual interior and see just how amazing the pursuit shall be.


Peace & Grace




One Reply to “Pursuing Purpose”

  1. Monique, thank you. Even though we are faced with the adversities of life, we still believe in a higher power, God Almighty, who is the Alpha and the Omega. We must still abide in him and let him abide in us. He will carry us safely through this journey of LIFE. Sometimes he just wants us to JUST BE STILL and let him work though us. Your messages are simply amazing, so empowering and inspiring so keep letting it FLOW. Your passion of the mind/soul with the ink and pad is a gift from God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Hugs and Kisses, Ma

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