Shed Your Fear

Peace & Blessing Beautiful Beings,

Its a brand new day and the reminder of a lesson that is a continual cycle of learning a thought that is so powerful it never expires… Shed you fear.. See what I come to know very well and continue to realize is that thing called “fear” can prevent us from prevailing. Fear also prevents positive preserverance.  You must tune into your inner woman or inner man and be able to stare fear dead in the eye, and say with much power – KICK ROCKS…  You are the only one that check fear and relinquish its presence and dismiss its arrival…. True it is indeed a struggle and a task that only that strong truly armored and stepping with the angels that lined at every angle of your position.. BUT, be ready to go to war and kick fear’s butt and shed it to smithereens.  Breathe some breaths of release and move forward in your purpose and listen to the Maker for directions and actions of engagement….

Peace & Love



One Reply to “Shed Your Fear”

  1. That’s right girl. Because God does not give us the spirit of fear….YES kick it in the face .. because we have to keep the sound mind flowing that God has given us. With Much Love, Hugs and Kisses, Ma

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