Speak Yaself Into Ya Blessings, Relinquish The Funks

Peace & Blessing Beautiful Beings,

This journey of life serves our palette with some sweets, some sours and some saltiness.  And much to my awareness I continually am reminded and have confirmations that show themselves so clear that, it is not what we go through but “how” we deal during those experiences… Finding oneself in those valley addresses along the journey is apart of learning.  But you gotta always tune into that inner voice and inner spirit that speaks to you through those sounds that remind you, you are not alone and to use that twig at the edge of the valley to pull yourself out.  That lifeline is always there, but one must be able to see with a spiritual eye. My people I have found out that I am reminded is sweet whispers to rely on the gifts that have been bestowed within me to express and heal through the not so good times.  We beings spend endless time planning and wanting and desiring such things and what we have to remember is, we don’t hold the key and have no ultimate control.  We try to make things happen on our own, and sometimes we  must simply sit aside in silence and let God work…Let him do a work and show up….. He just has a mysterious yet sweet way of shaking us up sometimes to take inventory of ourselves.  Finding your own peace and release is simply your choice as long as you connect the source and acknowledge him.  We are not alone and we definitely don’t walk alone.  The wind whispers in our ears, the bird sing natural soundtracks of reminders and the sun, it warms the tip of your cheek when you stand in open light.  Salute God with thankfulness of all things and thank him sincerely for what he has done, is currently doing and for what he is to beginning to work out for you and your life…  Breathe in, breathe out and simply reboot….

And so I strive to never waver to the funks this world blows my way… Lift ya head up and brighten your spirits and smile to a stranger….

Peace, Love, Blessings & Grace,

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D