God Bless This Child

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings,

It is indeed a journey when one grows and matures to be the adult they are trained to be, expected to be.. But what is quite interesting to me is when you find yourself in place that you are indeed an individual that stands out and upon growing comfortable in your own skin, its amazing to me how it is acknowledged as a fault.  I found myself in a strange yet invigorating place within my own being… In an attempt to respect my dad and look only at today and tomorrow and be the WOMAN my mom taught me to be, I have forgiven, moved on and still yet LOVE “unconditionally but you know my grandma said something long time ago that was indeed a great slice of wisdom.. “Love from a distance baby” she says… I had no idea what in the heck that meant at the time, but you know wisdom, life experiences and growth within yourself and of course some “time” and that was indeed the best advice she ever gave… In this life you never know who you will need when you will need them.. And the master got a way of turning things around when you need the very one(s) you shun or tend to cast away.  But that tide in that ocean got a way of sweeping that ole bottle back to shore.. I am just so secure in the being that I have become and continually grow to be that I see things from a perspective and have grown such a tough skin, that I can no longer entertain foolishness nor can I dwindle towards what is obviously meant to hurt me or offend me, I chuckle, and exhale and simply keep it moving… Attempting to simply be civil, kind and acknowledge the presence of your own seed is but a simple “hello” and sincere kindness… My dad turned in head and noted me invisible and never even acknowledges even my presence anymore…. But still I love him, within ever fiber in my being… I thought of Billie Holiday’s song when my dad and I came to mind…. Troubles, funks, disagreements may come along, but love has no price tag and I will forever be thankful foe both my parents, because for them is my very reason of being… So in the endless joys my mom and I share, and even in the behavior of my dad and lost of love and acknowledgement of his baby girl, I can’t help but chant, “Lawd I love you and God bless my parents and God bless this child from this union”  Obstacles I believe structures our strength and no one ever stated that every being or situation would be explainable, but the objective is to rise above, and love regardless… Forgive and let go.. Life is short and we are all placed here but a season. Embrace the joys that surround you and hold onto those moments…. Grudges and hatred is but a pesticide feeding your soul to the withers of heartache and pain…. Exhale the funk and simply LIVE!

Peace & Grace,

1Luv, 1MOpoeticSoul