Ahhhhhhhhhhhh GROWTH

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings,

So it has been quite a minute since my last blog…. Not that there has been a lack of thoughts conjuring in my mind, but somehow the discipline to jot them all down at that very moment.. However, I am grateful that somehow they are stored in a mental thought bank and then there are mornings and moments such as this….when my extended family goes and challenges me in ways they will never realize by a simple post…that jolts sumthin in my innermost being, and just as i blink, there’s a thought that slips from my soul and lips that is intentionally meant just as a simple response, then it inspires me, inspires them. and goes back and inspires me all over again……And for this reason I had to script that thought and share….Here is is….

the inner growth that one expereinces is continual and enlightening cycle… the awesome aspect of this is…when you accept the growth and let the flow simply “flow” life is so interesting and the lessons are infinitely yearned for…”

Now ingest that in ya soul and let it stir up some positivites within ya…

Peace & Love, 

Peace & Grace,


Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D.


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