New Season, My Sole’s Ah Treadin

Peace & Grace Beautiful Beings,

So with the inspiration to get back to blogging I give thanks to my sisTAR Steph (Virtuous)  for sharing some raw enlightenment to life itself.  We as women and mortal beings that tread these grounds of earth, find ourselves orchestrating lists and mental to do’s of resolutions for the New Year approaching… But over the past couple of years, it had become imperative to me to relinquish the thought of New Year’s resolutions…. Yes, it is a new year approaching, but declarations and decrees must be affirmed quite frequently within your own individual being.   Visions boards, short term and long term goal outlines, and affirming notations of inspiration that feed not only your soul, but your mind and generate a renewal within your body as well.  For we not know what tomorrow will hold, for that is in the plan of the Divine, but we as wise beings must continue to strive to be the best you, you can be.. To reach for not one star, but in fact the entire galaxy, because possibilities are endless.  Take moments of clarity to smile at the sun at the genesis of a new day and smile once more at the moon at day’s end.  There is always a light even in the midst of a storm, in what may appear to be initially dark and what situations are bleak at the moment.  I myself am reminded how I never am alone, even when I feel I am all alone.  I stare at my shadow and realize just as my shadow is always there, so is my creator and with him I have a lifetime companion.  So for 2013 do what the haters say and even ponder upon what they feel you cannot do, experience the joy in being  a blessing to others, incorporate selfless acts within your everyday rituals.  My Sole’s and My Soul’s be Ah treading upon a greater greatness that I myself have not even begin to fathom.  The sweetness is simply knowing that with the Divine I cannot fail..


Peace & Blessings

Peace & Grace,

1Luv Monique Davis