Aren’t We All Just Simply Waiting To Exhale?

Peace  & Blessings Beautiful Beings:

SO, it’s Saturday, another second day of the weekend and I have absolutely no plans…  Found myself watching an all time chick click classic – Waiting to Exhale.. It was quite amusing to me that while watching this movie, as a single woman, it is very accurate.  Yes of course some of it has examples and theatrical metaphors but I found a bit of myself in each one of the characters..Go figure…lol   As a single woman the challenges, or should I say the everyday challenges of dealing the ups and downs and confusions of singlehood are unpredictable and there are no real manuals how to deal other than the experiences and the lessons you learn along the way.

Relationships, dating and meeting new individuals is a job that sometimes have great benefits and SOMETIMES, don’t even qualify for unemployment.  Keeping up with multiple personalities is tooooooo much for me, that’ why I have always found it wiser to have one friend at a time.  Trusting and let the flow actually flow between you and new guy on the scene is a script that you each write as you go along, very impromptu honey…  Personally out of all the men in the movie, my favorite character was James, the character that Wesley Snipes portrayed.  All the rest were pursing temporary fixes, sexual gratifications, games and lies, but in the end he only asked one thing of Bernie (Angela Basset’s Character). He says to her, “lets make tonight beautiful”.  Nothing sexual, secure and honest intimacy of the company and companionship of a true friend.  And in the end , isn’t that what we all really desire or at least claim to desire.  Seeing us for who we really are and accepting us with our flaws and embracing US.  This is the magical chemistry that matters the most and is the most endearing.

We as women have endless conversations with girlfriends, sisters, auntie  and with our mothers and no matter how much advice we are offered, you still got to experience the experience.  The objective is to get stronger and gain more knowledge along the way and be able to apply that along with all the “useful” advice you receive. Rather we are single in the city or single in the country we all are waiting to exhale at some point…. And it comforting in knowing the along the way, you gain a bit of wisdom and with that wisdom some of the craziest situations urge you to simply sit back and just have a chuckle,, simply saying out aloud to yourself, “my oh my, no what track is my life’s soundtrack playing now.  Now ladies, close your eyes, take a deep breath and BREATHE…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Love & Blessings,

Monique Davis

© Monique Davis


Lovin The NEW “You”

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings,

Once again, its me, your girl, your sister, the women with some words of wisdom to spill into your cup… You know renewal and restoration is sooooooooo imperative in growth and quite necessary for one to mature on this road/journey of continual womanhood and adulthood.. Yes we continue to grow no matter how old we are, and learn new things each day.  But getting to love the new you and the new skin you you have that capsule’s that blessed soul of yours is indeed an exciting metamorphisis.  Loving the true and natural being that the Most High designed you to be and applying knowledge of life’s lessons as you live them and experience them.  I dare you to simply look in the mirror and stare back at that being that looks back, and say this.. ” you know what, I love you” and “YOU rock”..  Then declare some affirming words over yourself and your life… I promise you these simple to-do’s will manifest the beginning of a better you, instantly.. Get back to loving yourself….

Until my next post,

Peace & Grace

Love & Blessings


Monique Davis