Lovin The NEW “You”

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings,

Once again, its me, your girl, your sister, the women with some words of wisdom to spill into your cup… You know renewal and restoration is sooooooooo imperative in growth and quite necessary for one to mature on this road/journey of continual womanhood and adulthood.. Yes we continue to grow no matter how old we are, and learn new things each day.  But getting to love the new you and the new skin you you have that capsule’s that blessed soul of yours is indeed an exciting metamorphisis.  Loving the true and natural being that the Most High designed you to be and applying knowledge of life’s lessons as you live them and experience them.  I dare you to simply look in the mirror and stare back at that being that looks back, and say this.. ” you know what, I love you” and “YOU rock”..  Then declare some affirming words over yourself and your life… I promise you these simple to-do’s will manifest the beginning of a better you, instantly.. Get back to loving yourself….

Until my next post,

Peace & Grace

Love & Blessings


Monique Davis


One Reply to “Lovin The NEW “You””

  1. Thanks Tonia for this. You never get to old to learn new things or be reminded of some things. I Love myself some me and Lord knows, I Love myself some you and most of all, We Love the Lord.!!!

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