Well there is a song that a songwriter once sing, Trouble Don’t Last Always.  Truth be told in the midst of the storms, these various whirlwinds, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, no matter what type of storm that may be raging in the midst of life, well there is always that small dose of peace in the midst of it all.  Life is quite amusing and so unpredictable. We can always prep but never quite know what to expect but one thing I have found to be true, if one clings upon the faith that sustains us from day to day and abolish those factors of funk, factors, such as dream snatchers, trouble talkers and downtalkers, the process does in fact roll a bit smoother.  I can’t say i believe in gold at the end of rainbows like skittles of happiness will magically appear, but I know in whom I place my trust… Finding humor in the most chaotic situations instead of dwelling on the crazinessNESS of the situations lightens the load. Just as the ole big mamas and grandmama’s sitting at base of beds calling on “My Master and Father” creator and Divine God of us all, hey all I can do at times is moan and lean and depend on my Maker.  Trouble don’t last always chile, it really don’t just pray and never waver to the storm winds blowin in your direction and move on forward hun..

Until the next post, Be Blessed

Peace & Blessings

Peace & Grace

1Luv, Monique D