Spoonfulls of PEACE

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings:

It is the beginning of a new week and for some reason the word “peace” came to mind.  It can be applied in numerous situations and etc. but inner peace I tell you is something that is simply priceless… I had a conversation with one of my brothers this week and I inquired if perhaps I am “too” calm and why even in the face of adversity, why am I always soooooooooooo calm.. He replied swiftly, “Sis that’s inner peace”.. True it took a moment for me to grasp the response, but the more my mind simmered upon that statement I begin to think of how much I have grown as an individual and how through much soul searching, praying, much me time and everyday life experiences, I have a sense of peace that just places me at ease in the very moment of anything that may arise… Peace is a wonderful tool and when applied it makes a world of difference in any situation.  See here is what I want to remind you of,, the Most High God will give you peace in the midst of some hellacious storms.  A sense of calmness that will soothe your mind and heart and most of all your spirit in any and everything you experience.  I sip on peace every chance I get just to simmer my soul with some warming reminders that it’s really all, gonna be alright, in fact it is already alright and the road ahead may not have gold metaphorically speaking, but it will surely provide some calmness and PEACE in your realm…

Until next time, Peace & Blessings All,

Peace & Grace,

1Luv, Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D.


You Betta Give Thanks Babies

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings,

So it has been a bit since I have scripted some thoughts, but all have been carefully tucked within a safe chamber to share with you.  You know we sometimes find ourselves so caught up in the hustle and bustle of that thing called -Life.. But what I am finding out the further the journey goes, its amazing how our Beloved never leaves us and how no matter how funky situations can appear, feel and be, there is always some light at the end of some dark alley ways.. it may not be ultimately bright, but that’s because we sometimes have to fine tune the spiritual vision just as a oil lamp.  Carefully tweaking the sight to see the light is always there, may even be dim, but it always provides aid in your situation(s).  We must learn to be grateful in the midst of chaos and to find the thanksgiving in where we have come from. True we may not all be exactly where we want to be, but beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee grateful from the past you leave behind and in pure utterance give thanks you are still here.  No one said this journey would be easy but the sweetness of it all, is we overcome and reach survival status in the midst of the struggle because its the strengthening tool that internally builds our spirits and character.. For life, breath, sound mind, mobility and multiple abilities, give thanks….

Until next time, Peace & Blessings,

Peace & Grace All


Monique (1MOpoeticSoul) D.