Slipping Back Into Me

Peace and Grace Beautiful Beings:

With much gratefulness I just want to share some reminders of embracing humility and loving up on the concept of thanksgiving. My dear Sistren and Brethren there is soooo much that we must continually be grateful for.  The numbers add up to multitudes of factors beyond that to be multiplicably listed. Such aspects of life within itself, along with five senses, sound mind and awareness of SELF.. Do you hear me, “awareness” of self I tell you.  So much has been going on in the world since the beginning of time and still remains to continue with its many going ons, but we as spiritual beings that stroll across these lands of gravel and dust must simply pause and say thanks to our Beloved Creator our Divine Father. It is him in whom I live move and breathe, and every chance I have breath, I thank him continually.  I got to thinking of the simplistic pleasures of life and the adoration of the sweet aspects that some nonchulantly bypass as just side notations. The sun warming my cheeks as the wind blows swiftly across my brow and the sight of the sunbeams smiling its warm rays that reminds, me, I’m never alone. The whistle of the breeze and song of the birds on a Saturday morning, that only my Maker composed. See I have found out that if we can rejoice and find pure joy in the little things, it makes the grander and greater that much more sweeter. So as I reflect on my week, which was a bit troubling, my mind was in overload and dwindling from one direction to the other, I wasn’t my normal physically and the daily challenges of working a job that I know is temporal but is BUT a stepping stone to my greater, I was reminded by a great friend that the funks that were hovering over me, weren’t and could not at all be as bad as I have experienced in the past and that well sometime rough patches come, but play the deck of cards  given and play the game. Truth be told I wanted to tell him, “but I’m not a card player”, but the depth of it was the moral to the old cliché’, sometimes when life gives you lemons make some lemonade, and well in my case I have to brainstorm how to make a lemon meringue pie, lemon custards, lemonade infused with other flavors, well you get my drift.. Use the sour and become creative and learn from the tools that are given and utilize not only my gifts but my mind and spirit to activate the motion and not tense up in a lemon bath.  Sometimes  we have to perform individual labotomies on our minds and spirits. Dissect out the stanky stuff, tear away and remove the debri of toxins that are poisoning our path to push forward and pray some prayers and moan some prayers and hymns from the very marrow of your bones to slip back into a better you, the you that you are destined and more importantly called to be. In all things we must give thanks and learn the lessons of this life to continually mature and matriculate as evolving beings and live instead of just existing. Take nothing or no one for granted my beloved Brethren and Sistren. GOD is amazing and makes no mistakes and maps our journey with the road signs if only we tune in and see with the spiritual eyes. So “see”, with your heart mind and spirit for you shall never be blinded by the specs that attempt to cloud your realms and your atmosphere upon where ever you shall be in the midst.

<Until my next post, Peace and Blessings to each of you, Peace & Infinite Love to you and your families>

Peace & Grace

Monique “1MOpoeticsoul” Davis.

© 04/5/2014