Crumbs of HAPPY

Peace & Grace Beautiful Beings:

This journey of life is something soooooo interesting, yet mystical at times that it can be quite sweet when you least expect it.. I have found out that sometime in the midst of confusion, disgust or aggravation, the Most High has a way of calming you and bring tranquility to your realm will simply shower some joy in your life and sprinkle some happy upon you.  Being in tune with your innermost self and most importantly being in tune with your beloved Creator can bring a sense of peace that makes the most turbulent storms, the funkiest of funks in your life, feel like just a simple breath of smog to blow out,,,, and blow away… And so I breathe, breath in positivity and exhale the funks, breathe in the love of God and embrace the being he has and is continually constructing me to be and I breathe, breathe.  I challenge you dear brothers and sisters to find the simplicity in the best things in life and smile back at the sun on a brand new morning and embrace life and tell GOD loving you is loving me all the more and for this moment I give thanks.. Now there’s your crumbs of happy to last you through your next blah moment.. The mere meal is thanksgiving and gratefulness for breath being blown in your shell, so the crumbs remind you ,, you are alive and still living and give him thanks and share the love with a stranger or a friend, and tell them, he, you were blessed when you woke up, because that was your first blessing of the day… Now smile from within and love yaself and each other..

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings to each of you

and may Peace & Grace dwell in your presence


Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” Davis