“Don’t Rush The Turtle”

Peace & Grace Beuatiful Beings, 

It is simply amazing how the Beloved Father uses those littel things to allow you to get the greater picture of – Life and Living. On my way to Sunday service as I’m going down the road, saw a little turtle crossing over the road like the little engine that could. As vehicles were passing by at top speed this little turtle crawled as fast as his short yet slow legs could carry him to the other side, and no matter which trucks cars, even the early morning wind, he kept on and got across the raod.. I thought to myself, God you are amazing, Because if you can allow that toddler turle to get across that road and persist until getting safely cross that road, unharmd, we has beings, spritiual beings gotta trust you and persist to the other side. From all the inquiries of life and wonder of life itself and the what ifs, shoulda coulda woulds and why me and what now Lawd, he jsut wants us to to depend on him and he will get us through the fear, doubt, questionable and the sometimes turbulent occurences of how, whens and whys to just keep pushing or as my Sissy says , “Just keep swimming mama, just keep swimming.. I hear my Mama saying, keeping going forward and listening to God baby, and to that inner voice ringin in my belly’s ear, “keep pushing forward, move on… So I say to you my sisteren and brethern, persist, move forward and the hardest task are that, but with humlity, peace and guidance from the Creator, the task and outcome is sooooooooooooo sweet and relaxing.. So crawl on, and sometimes it takes time to get to the other side, but no matter the time, our time isnt’t “his” time, so we must ingest patience infintiely. The turtle  kept on crawling and so can you…. 

Peace & Blessings

Peace & Grace

Much Love to each of you….Image


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