Let Yo Light Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine Honey

oil lampPeace & Grace Beautiful Beings,

Here is your early evening dose of MOmentum.  I got to thinking about a light dimmer and how it ranges from multiple dark and very bringht shades. And of course me, the super anlaytical soul I am, I got to thinking about an old oil lamp. So we know they are used as light necessities in the good ole days, but also I got to thinking that throughout history many used these same lmaps to light some dark and dim paths along the way when traveling. So, what is life but a journey , and sometimes, we have no roadmaps, no signes, but we must tune into that voice within as the compass and use that internal lamp to guide us.  Well my dear sistren and bretheren,  of course dark hours of life do arrive rather we are ready or not, and even the dim moments you must activate your light. I’m thinking with this old soul wisdom I got on the inside hey, why not share some insight as it was placed within me to share. Follow these simple steps below and I promise you the path won’t be soooooooooooo dark and you will be able to view your direction and the condition of your path much more easier…

Steps To Letting Your Light  Shine

  1. The light within is “within” but isn’t active until the connection is made with the Divine
  2. Identify what components are your oil to place in your lamp. Hobbies that bring you joy a book, long drive, piece of chocolate, crocheting a scarf or blessing someone just because-with no string attached.
  3. The strength of your light(the watts) so to speak, the folks you surround yourself with and environment your place your self within. BUT and I do say BUT, remember you can change the tone with your presence as well.
  4. Love on yaself. Embark on some “me-time”. Liten to what your heart, mind and spirit say to you as they chat to your soul.
  5. Last but not least, look forward. You cannot hit play if you are always in rewind.

My family if you do these simple steps, you have lit your path. Now you can see Honey!!!

Until next time,

Peace & Grace

Peace , Love & Blessings,

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” Davis


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