Now Tell Me, What’s In Your Recipe?



Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings. It is a brand new day.  If you are breathing, reading this and know who you are I dare you to pause for a moment, and just say I give thanks for life…. Yaaaaaaaass,,oh yas. Now in my somewhat pondering stage I was wondering now what could I say my sistren an brethren today.. After something being brought to my attention in a conversation from a fellow sistren accompanied with some rest, and time for the Most High to place something within me to script this came to mind.  So, I got to thinking about an exercise I did with my sister circle as I feel it will be an ongoing activity to continually fine tune us. The question proposed is this,….”What is in your recipe? Recipe, you say, of what cake, what dish, perhaps even what drink are speaking of.. But, aha, what are the ingredients that formulate your makeup, your individual makeup. The good, the bad, the sweet, the sour, the salty and bitter. Now first and foremost you must be truthful when jotting down your recipe. And of course this not something that can be done overnight because it is for you to look deeply from the outside to within to the deepest depths of you. Yaaaaaaaaaaaas, oh yassss.. So, here we go.. I have two questions for you would your recipe be made from scratch or prepackaged? Of course if is from scratch you are well aware that extra steps are involved and there is no right or wrong way, you are in total control of the flavors, the consistencies, the flow and feel of the process. For example, with a cake, you must tow bowls, a wet bowl for wet ingredients and a dry bowl for all your dry ingredients. One has to build each bowl separately in a certain process before bringing the two sets of ingredients together.  You can add a pinch of this or pinch of that, eyeball your measurements and such. However, with a previously packaged box of contents for a dish, most likely you may just add water, oil, a few eggs here and there and butter a pan.  All steps have to be followed exactly as they appear and in the order listed on the box. So with that in mind, take few minutes to figure out your style of recipe and what components make you the “you, you are. What are the measurements are the precise or eyeballed? There is no right or wrong way it is simply an application for you to know you honestly with no bells, no whistles, the hardcore truth. DO you add a cup of determination and a few drops of procrastination  in your mix? DO you stir in heaps of love? OR do you add equal parts of love compassion and sprinkles of tough love? SO you see where I am going with this? Okay now that you have the tools, script your ingredients, of course they are the intangible(s) of you. The characteristics, good and bad and neutral. The process is of course the way you deal with your life and living. Are you a soup, are you a entrée, are a drink or are you an entire meal. My lovely shuga’s take the time to try this and embrace your recipe and remember as long as you live you can continually enhance it and also revise the recipe.

Until next time….

Peace & Grace

Blessings & Love

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” Davis


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