Just a SpoonFULL of Sugar


spoon of sugar

Peace & Grace Beautiful Beings,

I am so hoping that all is well with you this great morning.  You know it is so amusing to me how the Most High brings sometimes the funniest littlest things to your mind to make you smile while at the same time, allowing you to see the sweet simplicity of clarity. I got to thinking about the song on the old Disney Classic, “Mary Poppins”. Those  of this era probably are thinking, “who” while the rest of us are like “oh supercalafradgalisticespialodoucious”.. YES, hunnies, I spelled it out, but the song “Spoonfull of Sugar” got me to thinking,, You know sometimes you gotta go through some wars, some storms and funky stuff and some ole so bitter stuff to simply get to the sweet.  Take a look at this clip and think on it.  So lovelies, I challenge you to find the sweetness even in a somewhat salty or bitter situation and watch how much different the process and wiser the perspective of clarity that becomes apparent. Trust you will  find yourself looking, like, “Ahhhhhhhhh”.

Until next time….

Peace & Grace

Love & Blessings

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul”


Take a look at the video below and surely if Mary could get the point across to these inquisitive chaps, surely we get the message if we pause to think on it.. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. 🙂


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