What Is YOUR Repellant For Negatve Nectar?


Peace & Grace To All You Beautiful Beings.. It’s a brand new weekend, one we have never seen before, but grateful to  and I do say grateful that we are above ground to witness it and know that we are here. So I got thinking what can I place into my Shugas for the weekend.  Well, you know this leaped from my mind and spirit very quickly.  We all experience and deal with folks all types of folks day to day rather it is verbal, written, in person or on the phone. Strangers and those we have known for years or perhaps even a lifetime. But what I have found out is no matter, what some of these people inhabit what I want to call negative nectar.  Yep I said it, and those that know me well, know I will and do come up with some metaphors that allows you to truly get the gist of where I am coming from.  It’s as if no matter if you are going through the greatest joys in your life, the greatest depression in your life or even the most confuddling moments in your life when you are but a question mark trying to decipher the when’s and wh’ys and how’s of life, they start stinging you with that negative nectar. SO you ask, what is negative nectar and here it is: anything  that is injected into your mind, spirit of your realm that is bad.  Just as mosquitoes messing up a good evening  picnic not in the woods. The weather is lovely, the breeze is sweet, the food is great then here they come, biting people. Just sucking up all your greatness away, sucking you dry. But my Shugas it is up to you how and what repellant you use. Tune it out.  You know on the inside of your mental start singing, “there might be bugs on some of you mugs but there ain’t no bugs on me” or the revised version to apply to this situation, “ there might be bites on some of your arms (foots, legs and necks) BUT there ain’t no bites on me. It may even be you listening to them, but whispering a prayer, like “lawd don’t let this nectar spoil my joy, let it stay right over there in that puff of smog that’s polluting this air. So for this weekend and week ahead when you feel the negative nectar about to sting you, honey spray up guard with positivity and a shield of protection from chaos and drama and etc. and etc. Y’all be safe this weekend and encourage someone along the way, smile at someone just to spread some silent joy. It cost nothing to smile.

Until next time….

Peace & Grace

Love & Blessings To You,

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” Davis



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