Let Me Tell Ya Bout GROWTH

watering seedMy oh my, summer is definitely here. With all the classic thunderstorms.  Honestly it made me reflect on back in the day when thunderstorms came.  The house would be locked down and my grandparents made us sit still and said “y’all be quiet while the Lawd do his bizness”. Of course being child it felt like true punishment having to sit in silence, no tv, no radio, no talking, just to sit and listen to the rain and the thunder.. Oh my what a drag, I thought in my mind, because I dare not share this thought with them nor my mom or it would have been thunder on my butt. But I got to thinking this morning while laying in my bed. As I listened to the rain, and how much I love thunderstorms now, it’s the graestest soundtrack to sleep, relaxation and meditation for me now. Of course these storms come with rain and well rain equals moisture and that equals growth of all living things. So of course being the analytical and constant being strolling in ponderVILLE,  this thought was placed within me to share with you Shugas today.  Give thanks for your “GROWTH”.  As I found myself just running flashbacks of the past few years of my life, I bless the Most High for growth. It was the nutrients of positive beings within my inner circle that added the broth to my growth. It too was the fertilizer of spiritual consciousness and the urgency to discipline myself and to totally tune into the spirit realm and to rely on GOD and to walk strictly by FAITH. But and I do mean but, it was the rain, the rain of many tears cried that were all accounted for by my Master that I never became dry. All these components were of equal importance to my growth. And here I am but a seed from mere genesis, and my petals are blooming and quite colorful, but I am reminded of the process. Ahhhhhhhhhh yes the process. So Shugas I ask of you today, think of where you have been, how far you came from it, what you went through to get through it and where you going and how you moving forward to get there. What’s the broth in your fertilizer, the agents that now have you in bloom OR what is necessary for you to bloom and grow.  DO remember you must pluck those weeds and dry stems out as well. Hmmmm. Simmer on that a bit.

Until next time…

Peace & Grace

Love & Blessings

Monique “!MOpoeticSoul” Davis


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