Darling, you are the HEART of the Matter

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings…float on

Have you ever thought how comedians have made stand-up routines about their tragedies such as Richard Pryor. Singers sing ballads we love our ears to be caressed by such as Mary J. Blige, sharing her love and actors hide behind scripted characters? These are the questions I have.  Why do we as women paint game faces why we internalize so much. There’s no wonder why we are the top percentage of heart disease statistics.  We women must learn to loosen up and let go and let it flow- and float on. Yes we are the heart of our families, the core shakers of our companies, the nurturers, the center and very brain of any activity but we carry waaaaaaaaay to much baggage causing what- weight  we showl don’t need.  Love YOU, take care of YOU and be good to YOU. It is and must be your key objective in your everyday LIVE routine.

Until next time,

Peace & Grace, Love & Blessings

(c) Monique 1MOpoeticSoul Davis


2 Replies to “Darling, you are the HEART of the Matter”

  1. GGGirlfriend, you said a mouthful. Men, carry things on their (strong) shoulders, but we women carry everything on our Hearts. So, we need to allow God to handle things we have no control of, live and be happy.

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