Time Waits NOT for Ya Honey


Peace, Grace Love & Blessings To Beautiful Shugas,

You know sometimes, in the midst of minor chit chat, someone can make a statement with a phrase with the most simplicity but it speaks multiplicative volumes.  The topic of “time” and the factual evidence that it waits for nothing or no one is not only true, but oh, my puts you in place and forces you to place aspects of not only your thoughts but your life into perspective. Perseverance with the compass of the Divine and not the road maps, we try to construct ourselves should be the lessons and guidance we desire and continually listen to hear in God’s whispers and sometimes evident statements in the outcome of many situations that we experience. Time will surely tic toc you by and it’s sooooooooooooooo up to you dear brethren and dear sisteren if you cultivate the mounds all your dash can really represent.  Although, the commas of pauses in life present themselves from time to time and we sometimes lose our way or need a cleansing spec for these eyes and spiritual eyes too, but we must view in clarity and in understanding that time is priceless. You dare not take It for granted nor what it provides. Until next, time my lovely shugas, take care of you and each other…Take some time to love up on someone and do a random acts of kindness, just because.

Love & Blessings

  1. Monique D.