Steeping In YOUR Truth


Peace & Grace to you Beautiful Beings**

I know it has been quite some time since my last bloggISODE. But trust me as we all do, sometimes you gotta take some time and be one with self. Down time, “Me time”, you know quiet time. I must say slipping into some sweet solitude from time to time brings clarity and oh my gosh the peace that just lingers in your midst leaves such an aroma of AHHHHHHHHHHH.. Simplistic splendor, I tell ya. Now with this being a brand new year, ooooooh, my its not the only time to start fresh and begin new things, because we need to honestly conduct some self-service on ourselves ever so often just to fine tune yaself. If you got time and make it a priority to get your oil changed, well, Shugas “never” forget to continually fine tune oneself. You know, such things as, what do I need to tweak, change, eliminate and maintain doing for and with myself and my life… I can’t stress enough you must always keep your garden pruned, not your literal garden, but your individual garden of life, your circle of friends, your inner circle, your atmosphere, your routine, your mindset. If it favors a weed, two words Shuga, PLUCK IT and throw it out. Only enrich your inner-self and life itself with the fine fertilizers of life and the vitality of watering it, metaphorically speaking, life and continue growth on this journey we call life.

So, I had the opportunity to attend and participate in a life class recently and oh my, in the midst of hearing mounds of momentum that just had me on the edge of my seat, a few thoughts came to me and I felt it necessary to share this one. “Steep in your Truth”. For those that are true tea drinkers, you know there is an art to making tea and the unique authenticity of indulging the tea is to feel that soothing blend of herbs and warmth that lubricates from the tip of your tongue to the base of your belly that just comforts you. But the important part is that your water is hot and that you dip your tea bags in a specific method which henceforth is the steeping process.  You don’t just drop your tea bag in the blazing water, you dip it initially after you pour your water in. Immerse it in the water and pull it back. That initial contact with the heat and the herbs releases all those essential flavors. Repeat this twice and then slowly stir in your additives, honey, cream or sugar… At this time you can sip slowly. What are you saying Monique, well dear beautiful one, here’s the concept I want to enlighten you on. We reach a point in our lives where we must be true with ourselves and strip ourselves down and look in the mirror and see the being we are. Embrace all the ingredients that make up your personal recipe. You must be honest and even in your quirks and sometime not so cute aspects, but these are the flaws that we all have, because Shuga, no one is perfect. Look at your scars to remember from what a ways you been and how it shaped and molded you to be the better you, that you have become. Smile at yourself and love on yaself because you are a seed of the Divine and he don’t make no mess. J But what I want you to know is that the moment you begin to not only live in your truth, be real with yourself, BUT when you steep in your truth, that’s the moment you sit back and really allow oneself to commune with the most high and to be one and truthful with yourself, and I’m telling you, life becomes this compass that has clear direction on where to tread.  Truth begins with you and acceptance of yourself.  Don’t drown in the lies and fantasies that others, media and even some time you paint for yourself, it’s just an illusion. Slip into the truth and allow it to maturate you on an entirely new level of growth in another arena of LIVING and understanding. Steep in ya truth shugas!!!!!!!!!

Until next time, love God and tell someone you love them. Bless someone with a random act of kindness and create an infectious spread of positivity and kindness.


Peace & Grace

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” Davis


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