Blessings to you Beautiful Ones


Blessings to you beautiful souls out there in cyber land, round the corner, down the street, cross town, few states over.. Wherever your designation locality be at this moment, I just wanted to share this crumb of feel good to start your day off.. You know it is amazing how when you least expect it, you are inspired at the moments you feel in overload mentally. On my way to work this morning, I was riding along and I was thinking internally, not even verbalizing it, like oh my I hope today is smooth and just need some buzz of feel good, make me happy, get me on the good foot you know.. And God with his amazing self turned my attention to a song playing on the radio..That’s why shugas you gotta stay in tune and hey sometimes your prayers and requests come to past sooner than you think.. This song came on.. Oh my definitely a song to just make you smile at yourself and say despite it all, I’m gonna be alright with my blessed self.. And no matter what I’m gonna keep on treading further… Enjoy Shugas.. Hope you have a spectacular day…Until next time….

Love & Blessings

Peace & Grace,

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D.




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