Time Don’t Chill On Layaway



Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones…

This is not quite a repeat of an earlier blog post but for some reason, the word “time” just kept ringing in my ears in constant repetition after an earl y conversation with a friend. The truth of the matter, is “time” waits for no one and not only when I awake in the mornings, but more so when I walk into work, I am reminded blatantly —- that time goes on with or without you. It doesn’t matter what you do, don’t do, think about doing, want to do, act like you gonna do, talk about doing, Well, you get the point, it waits for nothing… It will and shall continue to tic on…. So, you ask, “Monique”, what are you speaking of, well what I want to plant in your mind, spirit and very being is this… If there is something that you feel you should be doing, need to do, must do, DO IT. If it’s been placed within your spirit and well-being to do it, well then Shuga, be proactive and move.  The last song you wanna be singing as your personal hymn is the Should Coulda Woulda  selection. In the words of Rafiki on Lion King, “it is time”.  There’s so much that we must be and should be urgent to do, rather it be for you or for the simple purpose of bettering mankind and your surroundings.  If you need to write the book-write it… If you got a song- write it and sing it and share it… If you got a word to share and specific folks come to mind-tell em. If you want to bless someone, just because-do it. Now don’t get it twisted, this is not a post about good deeds, it’s simply about staying aligned in your purpose and all in the Divine’s time and will. With that being said, that art creation of Salvador Dali with the clocks comes to mind… But I challenge you to not being guilty of those constant tics and tocs to tic away precious time of LIVING and not EXISTING with your “time” on this journey… So Shugas, let that simmer in ya soul a bit and I dare you to have a good ole day with ya blessed self… Love GOD and tell someone you love them…Smile at a stranger and radiate some joy along the way..


Love & Blessings

Peace & Grace,

Monique “1MOPoeticSoul” D.


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