Drop of Light In Ya Darkest Hour



Peace & Blessings Shugas,
Forgive me for the slow delay in my posting.  Sometimes we are swooped up in the winds of life,that sometimes we wish we were equipped to click our heels and land back to the residence of sane knowingness and back into our normal flow. But, we are not the authors of our “own” books. We are, but just the main character for which only has soooo much control.. The Most High is the ultimate and only scriptor of our lives and painters of our landscapes that being our realms. Although we know not what is to occur when that page turns, I am grateful that no matter what,we aren’t alone and the beauty in it is this, there are so many pages stirred with words that manifest more to unfold,more to be revealed and greater awareness to receive in this grand recipe of life and living.. I was reminded by a great friend this morning to WRITE and also reminded of a fellow poets poem to let the pages bleed from the ink of blood from my very being..And so, I write.. I admit,with a sudden death that occurred in my family and the looming smog of melancholy that has  been strolling alongside me and  my shadow,my mind has been cloudy,but I am reminded of the clouds that softly smiled at me a few days ago as I drove out of my drive way..It was just a teaspoon of sunrays peaking from a cluster of clouds and even in my solemn sadness,all I could do was smile,because even in the midst of your darkest hours, the Beloved reminds us, Great Morning to you dear daughter dear son, “I’m here”…and right over you… So blessings to you shugas..Be encouraged,drop some inspiration in someone’s life and greet them with a smile… Allow that beam of light within,to shine on someone else…You never know what darkness they maybe experiencing at that very moment.

Love & Blessings
Peace & Grace,
Monique 1MOpoeticSoul Davis


One Reply to “Drop of Light In Ya Darkest Hour”

  1. thanks Monique, so so true. Because even at our darkest time, that beam of light is always there, and the light is GOD !!! Love ya to pieces girl, Ma

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