Becoming One With Your “Cool”



Peace & Grace My Dear Shugas & Beautiful Ones:

You know I got to thinking that you know we sometimes get wrapped up, tangled, up, crossed up and even times just stuck in the net of the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. Sometimes bogged down with our endless To-Do list(s) and such, the pressure and tension can sometimes mound. But I am reminded that even in the midst of chaos and grand multitasking, YOU have “gotta” retreat to your inner happy place and chill the heck out.  I not only speak this to others, but I am preaching this sermon to myself as well… Make sure that you are on “your” to do list and don’t become invisible on it.  Rather you have to begin a ritualistic practice in the mornings before you jumpstart your day, constantly chant positive thoughts, smile in the mirror at yourself or just stand in a hot steamy shower at the close of your day and simply breathe and just marvel at the incredible being that you really are, DO IT. So my dear sweet shugas, be one with self, first and foremost, then remember toooooooooooooooo, to become one with your “cool” to sane thyself… I love ya and there taint a  thing you can do about it…Give yaself a hug, smile in the mirror and say, wow, “YOU” are something spectacular.. Now go on in greatness with ya blessed self… Until next time…

Love & Blessings/Peace & Grace,

Monique 1MOpoeticSoul Davis


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