Suds of Sweet Solitude



Peace & Grace to each of you my lovely Shugas and Beautiful Beings…

It’s amazing to me how the most simplistic aspects of life can enlighten the deepest of depths to very core of even the most multiplicative manners.  So I celebrated with my Mom, my rock, my number one Girrrrl, her BORNday on yesterday.  During the course of our girls date, we had dinner, endless chats, mounds of laughter and those tender moments of just living in the moment of thanksgiving for the little things..,, As the afternoon progresses I made mention that with all the pollens saturations of my truck, “hey lets ride through the car wash”.  Now even as a child, I loved going to the car wash. Now, the amusing part is, she just thought it would be a moment of getting the car washed and rolling through the machines of course.. But I told her and shared with her this… “Ma, you know Granny and I use to travel on weekly expeditions to the car wash to ride her car”. Much to being the imaginative little one, I was, these were like fun filled field trips I sooooooooooooooooooooo looked forward to attending… And once I grew up they were just sweet reminders of reminiscent times of spending time with Granny. But one say after a crazy long hectic day, I decided to go through the car wash to give my truck Miss Lucy Blue a bath.  But it was in that moment as an adult I found true sweet solitude in that few moments of a car bath.  Because the signal goes out on the radio while under the streams of suds and saturation, it focuses you to listen to a subtle silence.  It also cast out all other noise on the outside… It gave me a moment of clarity to think and to just rest my mind…  Who knew something so simple could produce something so priceless.  We spend tons of that long green on advice from professionals, not that I am knocking that, because the couch sessions can be another whole form of release, but when you waiting to get to that session and you reach that full potential of grownDOM to know that having a cocktail isn’t the answer and sometime you can’t reach your bestie or side kick.  It is just you and the Most High.   And to look at it from even a deeper perspective I thought, hey, not only is my car getting washed, but I’m cleaning off the funk and craziness of the day and stress that has somehow tried to stick to me as unwanted and nonCUTE lint on this Sista’s Soul outfit.  So, girl what are you saying, well here it. Shugas… Find the answer in the tender moments of a childhood memory and rejuvenate it with a lesson and some quality (qt) with just you, yourself and the Divine.  My ears were reminiscing on the soul of the car wash theme as I cruised through… Hug someone and smile at a stranger just because it’s free, its kind and its priceless.. Peace & grace to you lovely shugas…

Monique 1MOpoeticSoul D.


One Reply to “Suds of Sweet Solitude”

  1. The carwash…reminds me of the rides with my grandfather through downtown Philly…listening to Jazz as I could barely see out the window…I could see the the tops of the buildings …memories that forever will stay with me..thanks for this this reminder… 😉

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