The Little Ducklin That Tried



Peace and Grace to you Beautiful Shugas. Please oh, please forgive me for the lack of posting but oh my goodness please be prepared for the blogs to come.  During the time there were no postings, there were many topics cascading and floating through my mental and I am sooooooooooooo ready to let them flow.  You know it is amazing to me, how inspiration comes in sooooooooo many forms. I tell ya, when you least expect it, a dose of inspiration and the influence of the Most High stirring up is sprinkles of awareness of things incredibly clear. We as earthly beings, tend to make some things difficult and the answer and lesson is right in front of our face if only we take the adequate time to hear and truly see through third eyes and with the inner spirit. See Shugas, we are spiritual beings, that tread on this earth, but you got to be in tune at all times, and sometimes the Divine got a way of snapping you back into reality.

Case and point.  I awoke this morning and before work, just to lighten my mood, I decided to become one with my inner kid and watched the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Well of course there is always the cat and mouse race of survival with those two. But this episode was a bit different. There was a duck that just witnessed and anxiously awaited to welcome her new baby ducklins to hatch.  One at a time they hatched. After each one hatched, they quacked with that “hellllllloooooooooo world im here Mama, where are the worms and where do we go”.  She leads them to the pond for their first swim. All of them follow her in sequence in pure ducklin harmony.  But what the mama did not realize is there was one that hatched a bit later after they left. This one hatched with no welcome committee. He quickly looked around and ran behind to catch up. When he got to the water, he almost drowned. Poor thing, could not swim a lick and was left behind.  He kept attempting to go in the water but the water swallowed him up each time. He tried once more, but what he had no idea, is that Jerry was looking and saw him, so he ran into the water to save him. Jerry was quite agitated because this poor lil ducklin could not swim, so he decided to teach him how to swim. The poor lil ducklin kept, saying “I can’t swim, I can’t swim”.  Jerry persisted and took the responsibility to teach him.

Well meanwhile during the swimming lessons, Ole Tom, saw them and tried to catch them, but like always, Jerry outsmarted him.  Finally the lil ducklin was waslking one day and saw Tom drowning in the pond, and he without thought or hesitation jumped in the water and saved him.  Jerry saw him and gave him his lil glory and kudos and told him, you can swim now. So the lil ducklin jumped on in the pond and found his mama and sibling and unlike them, he was only floating and swimming on top, he was swimming n his back, doggy peddling, all types of fancy swimming techniques.   I am laying in the bed like oh my goodness.. This was a lesson I needed to be reminded of. We sometimes get so caught up being what is expected of us to inhabit and learn and also at the tempo and quality of others. Sometimes, you are the unique one for a purpose.  You aren’t different because you are slow or uncool or not pretty. You are different, because unlike the others, you learned on another greater and grander levl and you also had to get that push in the face of adversity to truly rise above and beyond. And in the end, you not only mastered something but you are skillful and gifted for a divine purpose… So I thought wow, that’s the lil ducky that tried.. He kept on trying and trying until one day more than succeeded, he saved someone along the way.. Let this be a lesson to you Shugas.. We are sometimes placed in isolation and in situations that will force us to go with everything we’ve got.

Be blessed Shugas, I love you and the Divine show nuff loves you too.. Smile at a stranger. Speak a good word to someone, you never know what mound s of joy you could deposit into someone’s mind and spirit.

Peace & Grace, Love & Blessings

Monique Davis