Treading One Breath At a Time

Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones,

It is has been sometime, since I allowed myself to truly flow in a blog format.  This blog is a personal expression of truth and not only being transparent with the readers, but looking in the mirror and claiming what is mine and what I declare to be mine and shall being living- My Life.    It is my hope that someone reading this will be encouraged to release and be true to self and within your inner self and begin the work of beginning anew.  I started a personal spiritual cleanse 13 days ago and so much has and is being revealed to me.  Although I did not set a specific number of days, I have made up my mind to continue until I am directed that it has come to an end.  It is something astonishing as well as comforting yet awe of thanks when things begin to be seen in the colors for which they truly are.  The journey continues…


Falling asleep having a two way and even three way ongoing conversation with my thoughts.  Upon the brink of a brand new day and a plethora of endless confirmations and enlightenments, it is incredibly apparent that change must occur and it is imperative that it begin immediately.  We read of stories, view films and know of the concept all too well, of folks living their lives and not living or TRULY living for themselves.   Way across the map from where we reside there are those whose lives are planned from them even before they step their first steps of life and speak their first words.  Planned marriages heirs to run fortunes and lands and inherited not only royal titles but the responsibility of carrying on in the name of which your birthright is.  While here in the land of what they claim is free and home of the brave, we the silent some, experience some of the same traditions in a flip of matters.  It may not be verbally stated and amended that our destiny is charted by others, but the truth of the matter is, our lives are dictated by some family members, jobs we loathe to live and survive while the very thing we thrive for and that gives us breath, indirectly asphyxiates.

When one is smothered and held, one suffocated.   Therefore, if you allow the pressures and demands and expectancies that are placed upon you to take over, you along with your greatest dreams, aspirations and passions will lose breath and the fog of confusion and resentment will consume you on your path that you can barely see at all.  Somehow the endless prayers fanning  affront me as windshield wipers are my faith to believe that perhaps I can live MY own life and inhabit some happy along the way.  While dually I am gearing up the defrosted of reminders that I have worth and that what is within me doesn’t have to shelter from taking yet another leap and traveling in a different direction than what is expected of me.

Crossroads present themselves in one’s life one or more times. I have found out and am finding out, that one has to pay careful attention to the road signs, listen to the voice within (the sacred and divine path of intuitiveness and spiritual discernment) that is.  Sometimes one must drive slowly with caution, at other times, one must proceed swiftly and continue on the path.  I am reminded of the poem of Robert Frost, The Road Less Traveled.  I am eager to travel that very path, because the path for which has multiple prints, I see mine nowhere and I truly feel it’s time for a different path.  An ultimate refusal I tell you resides within me, to be that of those singing chorales of shoulda, coulda, wouldas and utterly being disappointed in themselves and not at peace within the choices of settlement and being plagued by obligation and sacrifice than to be free and simply LIVE.

Peace & Grace, Love & Blessings

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D.