Are We “REALLY” Ours Sister’s Keepers??

Are We Our Sister’s Keepers?


The acts and purpose of sisterhood reclined within the crevices of my mind this morning.  Sisterhoods have been formed for years and ages and many moons ago… Some for specific purposes, some for social, some for spiritual, some ritualistic, some pertaining to groups and networks, but no matter the purpose, the general concept is the coming together of a group, a circle, a community a fold of women that will go beyond the thought of self to aid in the need of a fellow sister, known or unknown.  We preach on being our sister’s keepers to other, but we must not lose sight and become foggy on the embrace and arms we stretch to those in our inner circles.  Saving those abroad and loss is the mission at times, but we must never find fall into the residency of working and doing for others and slight our own.  We too must uplift each other and be accountable for knowing simply if our sisters around the corner or the ones on speed dial are not going through true trauma and painting smiles and poker faces to maintain the strong woman repertoire but are utterly broken, lost and in dire needs of someone to simply listen, embrace her and prayer with her and for her. Shed tears together and heal together with the properties of faith, Divine and Sacred wisdom and guidance of the Most High God and in unison on one accord calling out the aspects of life that are turbulent and praying that the weights be lifted from our minds, our spirits and our bodies.  “Sisterhood” should an action word not a mere noun,(person, place or thing) it should be a devoted action of love, humility and concern.  Are you exemplifying the true spirit of sisterhood?  Healing and helping hands for ourselves and those that are close and dear should be among the top criteria in truly flowing in the outreach of our women and fellow sisters. Take inventory of the actions taken and set self aside.  We must stay aligned in the spirit of love and sincerity.



© Monique Davis



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