Debugging The Defaults in Life



Great Morning, Grand Rising, Bidding you bountiful blessings on this new day….

With much up rise of drama, chaos, adversity, struggles and oh my, the list could matriculate endlessly, we must soak in some solitude to take inventory, critically analyze the aspects of the going on’s in life in general and in our personal lives.  For many this road is full of peril and problematic concerns that alter life and living.  The abundance of a conglomeration of positive reading, thinking, mingling with those that sprinkle insight and broader perspectives and shed a brighter light on things is one action to take.  Listening to and only feeding your mind and spirit with the grander of upliftment vs. the gutter of darkness, gloom and infinite queries of what if’s, why’s and how come’s.  The approach of application just as an overload of a computer system to power down and simply begin again from the start, fresh and renewed.  We must implement an instant strategy of defragging and debugging the stresses of our lives and end the stage of ritualistic default mode.  BREATHE, REGROUP and REBOOT Shugas and clasp the compass on conscious and Divine direction and stability.  Control your mind with placing all faith in the Most High, Alternate the funk of failure for a fullness of fortitude and favor to guide you through the journey and Delete the factors that derail you from flourishing, furthering your road to grand greatness and most of all the journey of embracing joy and the pure pricelessness of PEACE. Love & Blessings to you, you, you and and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


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