Keep On Pushing



persistGreat Morning To You, My Lovely Shugas,

We sometimes may feel as if we are struggling to locate the rope to climb from the bottom of the barrel, but through the cracks of what situations seem bleak and dark, there is always a crevice through which some light peaks through.  Even in the midst of the dim shadows, light is somewhere, if only you recognize it and acknowledge it.  That force you feel sometimes is a reminder to simply keep on pushing a little bit harder and crawl a little bit further… Challenge yourself to take some shots of perseverance and Pray Until Something Happens, Press Till Something Happens & Persist Till Serenity Happens.

Love & Blessing to you, you, you and you.  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Soothe your soul with this tune.. Enjoy!!


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