Garment Within- Whatcha Wearing???




Peace & Grace  Beautiful Beautiful Ones…
Sometimes independence is an outfit that we tend to push in the corner of our closets as if it is seasonal. Not quite a sweater, but not quite shorts either. It is more like crops actually. We can wear them year around and add boots, sandals or flats, depending upon the look you are attempting to achieve. Of course my Shugas, I am speaking metaphorically. No matter how cool it may be, one should be grateful when you can depend on someone to aid you and be there to assist when needed. But, and I do say “but” there comes a time, when regardless how you feel or what you want to do, you must rely on the wisdom, and strength from within to stand on your own. Utilize the two blessings that opened up yet another morning- your eyes. See clearly the path you must go and garment yourself with all the agility and resilience that you tend to forget about and sometimes ignore and wrap yourself with that independence and wear it proudly. It is nothing to be shameful of, nor should one encompass a prideful spirit with it. It is your personal strength that builds you up and keeps you afloat when you sometimes have no one to rely on. Stand on those four blessings Shugas, attached to your ankles and look at that which is ahead and begin to step… Two eyes, two feet, now tread on and wear your interior attire of the intangible strengths that sustain you.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D


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