Life’s The Lesson: Live It, Learn It, Apply It


Peace & Blessings Beautiful Shugas….

One can never and will never reach the state of knowing all and everything.  No one is perfect and although we stroll this earth in wonder of how to constantly perfect this life of living, growing and searching the when’s whys and hows of this life, we must ingest one simple concept. Just as the sun continuously revolves around the planet so does the learning one shall do every day.  Never be so boastful and egotistical that you know absolutely everything thing.  Reach to your elders even when you feel you sort of kind of know something.  Age and wisdom and not to mention experience can teach one far more than books. But the common denominator is knowing when to sit back and allow one to school you and you be the student of life and soak up the smallest lessons that mound up to a worth of wisdom.  You are never too old to learn nor too young to teach.  We are all teachers and students in our own rights if only we humble ourselves and let the lesson flow and know when to “begin” the class and when to “attend” the class.  Humility can carry one a long way. I choose to have perfect attendance in the homeroom of humility, what about you????????

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.classroom


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