Springing Forth Fortitude


Peace & Grace to you My Lovely & Beautiful Shugas,

With spring quickly approaching, the tradition of spring cleaning came to mind.  During my childhood, it was a ritual that when spring made its opening act, spring cleaning commenced.  With the new season of warmth, cool breeze, new blooms and blossoms of the newness that once was dormant and in hibernation now springs forth, the actual New Year truly begins.  With that concept being ingested, I am noticing the fall of pollen and signs of a new season peeking through each day as the calendar strolls along.  With this very idea in mind, it’s time to clean the cupboards, closets and corners and realms of life as well.  Anything that resides in your life, be it people, old skeletons, outdated mindsets and/or expired rituals that did and do no help to your progression, pull it out, pack it up and let it go. The cob webs that chill in the corner that con you to cling upon your old ways and mindset of settling and just dealing with the acceptance of it all, dust it away.  Fear and procrastination may continuously call you like unwanted telemarketers, but Shuga, when you identify it, block it and proceed with your cleaning.  Take inventory of people, habits, routines and the aura that is your halo.  If those variables, don’t fit, interrupt and/or cause interruption in who you are working on becoming and stunts the growth that you are seeking, shed it, let it go, wipe it or them away and start fresh, new cycle, new day, new season.  Let the spring fever began and may new blossoms bloom with greatness manifesting an awakening of a better and brighter you!!!

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.




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