The Definitive of Your Conscious Compass Within



Peace & Grace My Lovely Shugas,

At the genesis of a brand new morning, these words flowed directly from my soul through my pen, and even as I lay in bed I still was a bit drowsy, I grabbed my pen and begin to script this…  After I fell back into my fluffy warm spot in the bed, I took a deep breath and in the sweet morning’s silence I uttered aloud, Give Thanks… For a being a willing vessel and obedient conduit to express such truth and enlightenment.  So, Shugas, here it is….

We sometimes become so comfortable and at east with the option of utilizing the cruise control and auto pilot mode in life, we neglect to realize we sometimes need to navigate with our own senses and what intuitiveness and in-tune (ness). What you see, how you see, when you see along the way creates a scenery and experience that forces you to be the conscious compass and find your own way. Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL”D.


For The Sake of Savory Sacred Sense


Peace & Grace to You Beautiful Ones…

What is your concocted elixir that you conjure up that gives you true resilience to stand tall and walk in the face and forces of adversity fearlessly? Do stir spices of different virtues, add different measurements of peace, persistence and agility? Do you pour in the pure properties of the strength that resides within with extra pinches on wisdom that you ingested from elders and aunties and uncles along the way? Last but not least, do you allow your creation to bake, broil or simmer and cook slow to ensure the savory spirit of divine guidance that lifts as scented steam from dishes you delight in?  Just as that steam fills your nostrils so should it lubricate your inner woman or inner man… Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL”D.

Grace of the Immaculate Embrace


Peace & Grace to you my Lovely Shugas…

So because we fight ongoing battles in this life and our weapons are not carnal, I ingest the conscious capsules of the Holy Ghost.  Embracing sincere sibling love with perfect strangers that confirm to me your (Our Father’s infinite wisdom) message and adjust our spiritual intuition on the faith frequency of favor and fervent prayers in humble thanksgiving in advance.

Yesterday while having dinner at a restaurant, as I was sitting awaiting my meal, a woman walked to the table next to me.  Her shirt read, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart”.  Now because I am the person that I am, I immediately gave thanks to my maker and Father instantly for the word and message of confirmation and a much needed word of encouragement.  I instantly wanted to tell her oh my I am sooooooooooo loving your shirt.  But I took a brief moment to ingest the message and simmer on it.  I then looked at her and said, your shirt was confirmation and I so needed that. She replied, “oh yes, and he is able and we must place all trust in him.”  The warm smile from a perfect stranger but all at the same time from a kind familiar soul who at that appointed time were on perfect accord- a sacred accord. We began a brief convo and then flowed into breaking bread individually.  She, with her husband, I, with me myself and the Most High, because he is always with me, “so hey” even when I am alone in natural eyes, I am never alone.  Then the most miraculous occurrence took place.  As I ended my meal, I was in a bit of deep thought for a few moments, and then this tender woman, who I had been conversing with comes to my table embraces me and says, “you continue to trust in him and everything is going to be alright because he is control”.  As we embraced and then pulled away and grabbed hands, I looked into her eyes and told her, give thanks, Thank you… She nodded her head and responded with a warm smile.

As I began to gather my things and pay the check to the waitress, I walked to their table and told them to have safe travels back home as they were traveling and were mid-way their destination.  As I walked out of the restaurant, I just begin to give thanks within my spirit because ministry can occur anywhere and when you are open to truly hearing God and being a sincere and ready vessel, he will move and speak in ways that are so unconventional, but in times such as these, it is tailored just for your specific needs and always on time.  We must sweep away the traditional ways of ministering and being in line with orur calling and too, our spiritual consciousness and be ready at all times when you are about to receive a blessing, a confirmation, direction and guidance on situations in your life that only you the Beloved Father know.  Stay in tune Shugas and never close an eye on the light than is shining in your direction or turn a deaf ear when something is sacredly being released in the atmosphere to lubricate your spirit.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Tides of Truth


Peace & Blessings to you Beautiful Ones,

Smelling the waves and listening to the ocean is indeed one of the greatest lullabies and songs God composed.  To ingest the serenity is sometimes just the craving your soul soooooooooooooooo needs.  We bustle and hustle in multiple routines from day to day and may occasionally rest the body when in pause mode, but the mind and spirit sometimes continues to jump hurdles as if it’s the lead in the Olympics.  The clarity that your soul embraces when in the presence of pure peace is more than what any doctor can diagnose and far greater than any prescription that can be prescribed.  Recess of the mind is greatly needed to recharge and truly activate the spirit in “go” mode and to consciously and actively press the play button to move forward…. As the waves rustle at various tempos, one thing is for sure my dear Shugas, is it must reach and always reaches a soothing halt as it greets the sands and shores.  Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you…  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Chasing The Rainbow


Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones…
As I was riding along the highway on yesterday, along with the sun assuring me, that there still is brightness in the midst of all the clouds and rain. My inner spiritual woman directed my sight to the right to see a third of a rainbow. It was simply there chilling, to the opposite side of the sun that was gazing, mellow yet bright beam of pale yellow. I immediately thought to myself the slogan of skittles tasting the rainbow. If only I could climb the stairs or ride the elevator to partake in that entree of tasting that bit of rainbow. Far beyond sweet candies, I am ingesting the thought of the flavor of sweet serenity, savory peace, a robust amount of resilience and gracious plenty of virtue to withstand all that the negative forces attempting to throw in my path, I rise above and you too shall rise above… Taste the rainbow metaphorically speaking and let the brightness of the Most High enlighten your path. Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you… Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D


Conquering The Chaotic Sting


Peace & Grace My Beautiful Shugas,

Conquering the battleships that attack you and elude you to doubt and fret, IS but a taunting mechanism of your opponent purposely prosecuting you for your integrity and character.  Cross examine with the agility and guts of legends and icons exhibiting a grand mound of strength and valor.  Look at those who have overcome adversity, you TOO shall stand tall as well. Your feet shall not sink in the blunder and rubble of weaknesses your foes think you inhabit.  Intoxicate them with mind-boggling mysteries of your momentum.  Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL”D.