Tides of Truth


Peace & Blessings to you Beautiful Ones,

Smelling the waves and listening to the ocean is indeed one of the greatest lullabies and songs God composed.  To ingest the serenity is sometimes just the craving your soul soooooooooooooooo needs.  We bustle and hustle in multiple routines from day to day and may occasionally rest the body when in pause mode, but the mind and spirit sometimes continues to jump hurdles as if it’s the lead in the Olympics.  The clarity that your soul embraces when in the presence of pure peace is more than what any doctor can diagnose and far greater than any prescription that can be prescribed.  Recess of the mind is greatly needed to recharge and truly activate the spirit in “go” mode and to consciously and actively press the play button to move forward…. As the waves rustle at various tempos, one thing is for sure my dear Shugas, is it must reach and always reaches a soothing halt as it greets the sands and shores.  Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you…  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


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