Fleeing The Fear


free woman.jpg

Peace & Grace to you my Lovely and Beautiful Ones…

Heard a song this morning, quite a vintage tune it was.  But you ever have a moment when you heard the song millions of times, but it’s at that appointed moment you truly heard it for the first time.  Being one of the arts and truly tuning into all senses, I hear the words and melodies and harmonies all in sync yet all individual and see the story being told.  First heard the song, one a classic comedy “First Wives” with my dear cussinfriend.  In the movie these women were taking back their identities and independence of who they were before they married and who they grew to be post crazy divorces.  However, when I heard a cover by a new artist it spoke to me in volumes of magnitude.  We are born to parents into families, live in societies and stroll through life through the various boulevards of left and right turns and curves of people’s expectations depending upon their beliefs and own feelings.  But my, oh my, it’s not only the moment when women thought it necessary to burn bras to advocate their rights and raise their voices or when hunger strikes took place in protest of Vietnam or marches and boycotts during the Civil Rights Movement played in repetition in heavy rotation that we must be heard, but it is your own solemn prerogative to live “your” life and live it by your means and merits.  No one owns you, nor do they hold the keys to your future or papers to your freedom.  Be free and be the soul that lives within.  You’re not a sideshow oddity, you are unique.  You inhabit the skills and gifts that are amazingly authentic and there is only one you.  You are not a carton of milk or property item on a shelf stamped “expired”.  When you feel a bit dusty, hey, polish yourself up and reinvent you and be the “you” that “truly” lives within.  We can’t live for others, we can’t be the mantel piece Oscar many try to mold us to be as showpieces and examples.  Your quirks are quintessential and your value is priceless.   This is a salute to those that are of the different and eccentric kind gifted with the consciousness of Divine wisdom and utilizing that which is placed within you.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Take a listen and lubricate your audibles to this tune… Be you, my lovely ones and do it unapologetic ally.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1saJvhS3LiA


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