Lesson of the Greens



Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones,

It is amazing and sometimes quite astonishing how God moves right before your eyes.  In the midst of a mediocre morning, a client walks in and requests services.  Now I am never quick or one to judge but sometimes you find yourself assuming one’s wants or needs.  But placing my feelings aside, not only did I provide the service but provided it with kindness.  My plant that sits in my office always catches the attention of those that are plant lovers and of course the elders.  It’s “life” and reminds me that even though much can be in the atmosphere and my current job maybe a bit dark, dismal and depressing, it is the one thing that sheds light.  The lady and I begin to chat all on the topic about my plant and her plants and planting… We begin swapping stories of growth and nurture tips caring for them… She shared with me the protocol to buying a bamboo plant.  One is to go give it to a friend and the growth process and blossoming effects reflects that of the friend that gifted it to you.  She then began to share with me a bamboo plant that a former friend gave her and one she gifted to the friend.  The plant that her friend gave her did not blossom and was stunted, but the one that she gifted her friend flourished and was beautiful…  Turns out the friend was actually her foe and she was always true to her friend.  I stood in amazement and commented, “Oh my God has a mysterious way at times of showing us things.  That he takes a living object as such to teach us and show us something right before our eyes, as simple as a living plant. “I concluded with aiding her with help and she told me thank you..

She took my hand and says” thank you so much and you have a blessed day and you are such a sweet young lady, you’re too kind.” I respond back you are welcome and thank “you”.  It is moments such as these that actually give me the will to keep on going.  It reminds me, that although you go through sooooooooooooooooooooooo much and endure sooooooooooooooooooooooo much crazy and unjust treatment from others, that there are still a condensed number of beings that are kind and that God still speaks through them to reassure you, that he is very much alive.   I got to thinking and I remember I told her well, I guess I’m a good friend to myself, because my plant is coming along nicely.  So what am I say? Well Shugas, sometimes we may seek the urgency of others to be a friend to us and in fact sometimes truly need them, but what the Creator wants you to do is rely on “you” sometimes and trust “Him”.  Regardless it’s always you and the holy trinity and self-trinity.  They never leave you… Me, Myself & I then there’s the sacred  Father, Son, & Holy Ghost.  Love & blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


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