Price PEACE of Mind


Peace & grace to you beautiful and bountifully blessed ones…. I got to thinking of the value in the intangible medicinal aids we have access to and Shuga, Peace is at the top of the list.. You can always use more and the refill bucket is necessary depending on your life’s experiences and situations.

Peace is priceless. Peace is infinite when you remain in tune with the grace of the Almighty.  And the moment you consume peace and feast on it, there is no other dish that compares.  You will endlessly rsvp to be at the table to ingest a multitude of it sweet and tranquil buffet.  It can dwindle when life’s experiences throws curve balls but I am telling you once you retreat to the happy place in your mind and then back in your sacred spot, I’m telling you the joy you will have is beyond ahhhhhmazing.  PEACE of mind is far greater than “piece” of mind.

Love & Blessing to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.



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