Denouncing the Manipulative Motivators in the Midst

not welcome


Peace & Grace my beautiful and precious ones….

The episodes of life bring such an array of cause and effect vs action and reaction of clauses we view quite often.  The moment you reach that pivotal moment you truly indulge in self-love and acknowledgment that “you” matter and no one can be better to you than “you”, it is not always a welcome committee rallying behind you.  Some friend shall show shades of green or in fact deep shaded of slate grey because the darkness hovers because they do not contribute to the light that you generate.  Family may, in fact, question your loyalty and or question your purpose of being.  As if you are placed on this earth to live for them.  But oh my beloved Shugas, when you become people free and choose to do you and live directly in your truth and I mean tread firmly in your truth, oh my the arrival of the Manipulative Motivators will show up to the scene. With no invite or rsvp, will appear on your purple carpet as if they were a special guess. So why purple carpet, because you’re royal Shuga.  And keep your security tight because the silent saboteur will attempt to slip through the back door.  So raise your awareness and consciousness to the lurking of the doubt that attempt to creep in and also the negative forces that some may inhabit and carry within their being.  Staying in tune is imperative and you must not only guard your spirit, but your heart and your mind equally in these days.  The resilience that is embedded with you, you must keep powered on and never allow it to go in sleep or rest mode.  Remain in a place of truth within yourself that you can conduct self-analysis and assess your process and apply that which is necessary when it is necessary.  Be not fooled by smiles and hugs for the fool wore smiles as he entertained for laughter, but his true identity is just what he is and attire he wears-a fool and foolish.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you

Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


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