Realigning Your Life’s Load


Peace & Grace my lovely and beautiful ones…

When we think of balance we immediately should envision a balance beam we used in science classes to provide the clear visual of adding and subtracting the correct and actual amount to its most meticulous factor.  Gazing at the beams as they slid up and down and then that moment when it balances perfectly you felt like you made some unknown discovery.  I have come to realize in life that using that same measure visually to gain clarity in how to apply balance in our lives in imperative. Balance in our friendships, relationships and within our circles and most importantly, with our own selves.  This is a tedium task at times when life takes off with a tight itinerary but it is essential my darlings.  Use the metaphor of doing laundry to look at this balance thing more in depth.  So you know when preparing to do laundry, you must sort colors and whites right. Then you prepare to wash with your desired detergent and cleansing agents, be it vinegar for extra freshness and color richness or baking soda for an extra touch of clean vibrancy.  One you either hang them up on the line or in the dryer.  Upon the drying stage, you prepare to fold and hang up and put away.  Each step is vital and necessary in order to have clean clothes that are still in the quality you purchased. So the care in the process is important as well.  With each step, you have to strategize and implement the next step to move forward until complete.  When we are juggling life and its priorities, wants, needs and desires we must place in the correct order and in fact if it is even needed to the continued maturation of flow of your life and the direction in which you are striving to tread and follow.

We must be aware and conscious to stay in tune knowing when our deeds and assignments have been completed and when it is simply time to move on.  Unknowingly we find ourselves committing to unnecessary tasks and leading devotions to others simply out of sacrifice and for heart’s sake.  The moment you can stand firm on not committing to that which simply does not fit into your life, your schedule, your flow or at times is not for you to be the savior of coming to someone rescue.  This does not declare you a bad person or in fact a non -loyal individual.  It simply declares that you are only one person and you must know your limits and stick to your guns.  I remember there was a time I tried to commit to all my stuff, be there for my family’s stuff, my friend’s stuff and their folks stuff, that I was neglecting my own stuff and you can’t neglect and shun the one you wake up with and go to sleep with from dawn to dusk and see in the mirror-YOU.  Once your time has been put in for that appointed time and for that appoint purpose, then well you assignment at the time is complete and it’s time to clock out and move to the next purposeful/FILLED project and requirement.

A dear poetry sister reminded me, to constantly hydrate when finding and seeking balance.  She was indeed correct on that insight and advice.  That water I tell you will aid in the clarity of what and when you are supposed to be doing for who and where and for how long.  Remain true and in tune with the spirit and with yourself.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOPoeticSOUL” D.


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