Value of Being the Vessel



Peace & Grace to you my lovely and wonderful ones…

Yes I know, it has been quite a while since I have last shared thy thoughts from mind and spirit.  Truth be told, life happened with no notification and no news bulletin warning.  Allow me to be transparent my dear ones.  The longer I live the more I come to realize that I must live in my truth and truly tread in my truth, sit in my truth, recline in my truth and speak in and with my truth.  No reason to lie to first and foremost your creator and Sacred Father because he knows all before it even occurs and manifests.  Secondly, why and for what matter is lying to yourself going to cultivate for your continual growth and overall well-being.  My truth is quite simplistic yet with great depths.  I am one that can and has encouraged many, but the truth is I know how to aid in helping others in mental and emotional pain because it is a knowledge I am and have been very familiar with.   In the midst of my current brokenness, it is allowing me to truly be true at a deeper core of why such things have pained me and caused strife in my life.  Self-afflicting saboteur sanctuaries are too the incumbent protocol that I have indirectly and unknowingly taken ownership of.  Somehow in the midst of being the strong one, the responsible one, the reliable one, the rooted and grounded one, I lost my most powerful possession and asset – my peace.  Reassessing self and taking a long stare down in the mirror and too, looking within to dissect what lives within that has festered that which has stunted me from flowing forward, it is imperative to readjust, reboot and regroup.  Thus, yet another chapter has begun.  A renewed spiritual level and under or should I say inner-standing as well as acknowledging my weaknesses and when I truly need sincere ones that can partake of making my soil rich so that I may grow to be the true vessel that I aspire to be.   It is interesting to me that when you are in tune and tread hard in your truth, that some and at times many are not on the roster to accompany you on this level and some you must bid adieu and simply smile and moving on in your best betterment.  My lovely ones, remain true and consciously and cautiously prune your garden of weeds, bugs, and snakes.  Although the seed may seem small and the stages are long, in due season the bloom is sure to come and certainly, the sun shall radiate light even in the midst of the dimness.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you…

Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.



The Breaks of it All


Peace & Grace my lovely and precious ones…

So, I got to thinking on my way to work of the rewind of my past two weeks.  Oh my gosh, they were everything categorized as turbulent with a gust of winds blowing me from Fahrenheit’s to freezing.  But it was on my way to town that the classic song by Kurtis Blow, “the breaks” came on.  I am rising along the long winding road in the misty morning and as many times as I have heard this song, this song was like a hallelujah moment.  We are going to past through some roads, tunnels, and bridges that have some unpredicted weather outcomes, but no matter what, as long as you continue to ride or stride, or tread, you will eventually get to the other side.  Through the wind rain, traffic jams, and bumpy road and endless under construction signs that appear, you have to simply allow some trials to roll off your back like a duck as the elders say.  ‘These” as the songs says – are the breaks…  But you got to find the beat and keep moving.  I admit, finding the tempo was a tedium and tireless journey for me past few weeks, but thankfully I can truly admit that these are the breaks. Two of my sista-friends reminded me during one of our interFREINDtions that even though we bend, we actually will not break.  We may feel brittle and feeble and down trodden, but we do arrive to resilience eventually.  It is amazing that even though we spend hard earned dollars to pay expenses for therapy sessions for an enlightening insight of our lives, we sometimes are our own therapist to each other.  Guess that is the blessing in communing in truth.  The facts of life my dear ones, is to simply take all the blends and deal with it and determine your amounts to find balance.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you… Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Which Way I Say


Peace & Grace to you beautiful beings……

Ever feel as if you are totally clueless to path for which “you” are to travel? Of course we all have been there.  Not only do we inquire within in what direction are we going, but also what are we taking, what is necessary for the trip and how much to pack of what.  What vehicle must I travel in or must I simply just take myself and bared naked soul to simply find myself and find my way as I tread.  These are just a smorgasbord of questions that come to mind while living this thing called –Life.  We must be mindful what we pack but also equally mindful to not carry baggage that we can’t afford to weigh us down while treading.  Because you are unaware of the conditions, pack consciously and attire yourself with wisdom and follow in the interior compass of spirit to guide you.  No matter what curve, turn, weather condition or condition of the road, be it gravel, mud, pavement or dirt.  Prepare for all conditions and equip yourself with courage, fearlessness and persistence to find what trail is meant specifically for me.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Transition of Truth                          


Peace & Grace my beautiful and precious ones…..

In the wake of so much going on in the atmosphere, but like, literally and in my own life, I searched for some type of message of enlightenment.  Yes my dear ones, desperately needing to reassure me that there certainly has to be some light and understanding arriving soon to what is total shambles.  Truth be told, sometimes you have got to give a little thanks for the shambles, why?,  because they directly force you to focus and tune in on another kind of “I got to get this together” type level.  Rather it be friends behaving as a foe, you questioning your worth and totally clueless of what path to choose and too what vehicle to pack with what necessities (metaphorically speaking now), because what you may think is a quick getaway, needs to be a vacating of your mind and spirit away from all that is polluting your realm. That fog of others baggage can begin to weigh you down quicker than you will know or can imagine.  Peacemaking it for others, being the empathetic soul, can bruise your statue within.  NO need to create aches within your core that are not even those woes of your own.  Let’s be real about it.  Truth speaks if only we listen.  You must lubricate yourself with wisdom and clarity and slide slowly into the transition of the truth of what phases you are currently experiencing.   This my precious ones, is, of course, easier said than done.  Application is a tedium task but necessary for your next step to grownDOM.

Growing pains, the elders spoke of quite frequently when I was growing up. However, as a young seedling, you thought of limbs growing and maturing as an adolescent, in your mind.  But those ligaments of lessons that endlessly bestow understanding of this life thing is indeed powerful.  Grabbing those nuggets that were shared with you even at the tender young ages, it is amazing how they resonate with you and you truly “inner”stand it for its purpose.  This journey called life is something interesting and you must cultivate a greater knowledge of tuning into the exquisite morsels that unveil themselves only when you are aware and ingest the flow of firmly placing your ears and minds to the Divine ones that truly speak and give guidance.  My lovely ones, please be encouraged and know that someone, somewhere is too, “going through” some rough patches as well, but you too can overcome any and all adversities with a resilience that only the Creator can mold of that raw form you be.

Love & Blessings to you, you and you.  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Time discovers truth


Finding My Alright



Peace & Grace my beautiful and precious ones….

This life and its quite interesting episodes can play some head nodding, eye rolling and throw your hands up moments.  But, I must keep reminding myself that regardless, your/my “okay moment” doesn’t last forever.  So what am I saying????  Well my lovely ones, the “okay moment” is when you are between the storms and the neutral I have no idea what is going on and why is this happening to me moments.

In an endless appointment within my inner self, I searched for my own equatorial line- my balance.  Needing and desperately feening to see some light in some dark and dim situations, I begin to listen to some music.  You know sometimes the songs with the simplistic of lyrics, speak volumes in an array of directions the greatest magnitudes.  The song simply says, “It’s Alright” by one of my favorite artist Ledisi.  The great aspects of artistry and truly enjoying the gifts that one has,  is when you truly ingest those live performances and when they flow in much truth and with the flow of how they feel and pour up their personal situations to assure you, that they too, have struggles.  In the midst of listening, I kept reminding myself, “its alright, its ok”… Truth is, this song use to be my morning song to work.  Because no matter what the day would bring I would remember, “its alright, its ok”.  I speak encouragement to myself and to others who are constantly being tormented by those closest to you, being ridiculed by those on the outside trying to fiddle through the blinds of your life and attack you with words, lies and assumptions.  To those that are battling childhood injuries or verbal attacks, swings and punches that lurk in the deep corner of your mental apparatus, you too have survived and sometimes the salt can sting your wounds from the remembrance, but then you must continually say in heavy repetition, “its alight. Its ok”. Because regardless how deep the wound, how ugly the scar, you still are here and have an opportunity to heal, even if you must heal all over again on a different level. So find your source of instant uplifting to shift you back into the state of “I’m gonna be ok.” Be advised while “finding your alright” that you don’t become overwhelmed and slip, because the slippery effect of sliding backwards to the hurt is far more damaging than you can imagine.  My beautiful and lovely ones, be encouraged and remember no matter how it feels, trouble cannot last always.  Find the joy in something and allow it to saturate you with a comfort of safety and balance.

Love & Blessings to each you, you, you and you.  Monique “1MOPoeticSOUL”D.


Psalm of the Oracles


Peace & Grace my precious and beautiful Shugas…..

It is simply ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmazing how the spirit of the humble elders exude such a dynamic yet meek aura.  The spirit that lives within your inner most being most definitely speaks volumes and not one word has to be uttered.  I had the opportunity to assist and sit with an elder mother this past weekend.  With all the ruckus and confusion in the midst with heightened emotions all in the mix, just being in the company of a sacred and sweet soul, cooled me as cucumbers and with the right amount of sweetness as a glass of southern wine as I call it, known to most as sweet iced tea.  In my mind I had to immediately give thanks and utter an internal thanks to my Maker because it was her sweet delicate yet wise spirit that brought a peaceful calmness upon me and I knew it was Divine in all its ways.  Give thanks for consciousness and awareness to recognize when to obey and flow in the realm of the Almighty ingesting the Divine lessons.  Endless mounds of blessings I pray among our elders that still share these realms of living with us on these earth lands and for instilling a wealth and richness into our very sense of being, thinking and flowing.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

When You Must, Gotta & Betta Replenish YaSOUL


Peace & Grace to each of you my lovely and precious Shugas….

Alright my lovely and precious blessed Shuga, here’s a morsel of momentum for you.. Sometimes you have to willingly and freely dip yourself into a pool positivism and pure purpose to saturate yourself with truth and wash off the foul funks of those people, situations and or realms that attempt to infiltrate your flow in gracious and most needed land of forwarDOM.. Yes, I said, “forwarDOM.   The land of moving ahead and never treading back.  Remember my Shugas you can never flow in the future with your foot stuck in quick sand sinking deep into the past.  It’s mid-week and “hump” day as some say and ‘m sharing serving up some Wednesday Wisdom.

Love & Blessings to you, you and you… Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Let Nina soothe those ears after you chew on those soul scripts above…