“Don’t Rush The Turtle”

Peace & Grace Beuatiful Beings, 

It is simply amazing how the Beloved Father uses those littel things to allow you to get the greater picture of – Life and Living. On my way to Sunday service as I’m going down the road, saw a little turtle crossing over the road like the little engine that could. As vehicles were passing by at top speed this little turtle crawled as fast as his short yet slow legs could carry him to the other side, and no matter which trucks cars, even the early morning wind, he kept on and got across the raod.. I thought to myself, God you are amazing, Because if you can allow that toddler turle to get across that road and persist until getting safely cross that road, unharmd, we has beings, spritiual beings gotta trust you and persist to the other side. From all the inquiries of life and wonder of life itself and the what ifs, shoulda coulda woulds and why me and what now Lawd, he jsut wants us to to depend on him and he will get us through the fear, doubt, questionable and the sometimes turbulent occurences of how, whens and whys to just keep pushing or as my Sissy says , “Just keep swimming mama, just keep swimming.. I hear my Mama saying, keeping going forward and listening to God baby, and to that inner voice ringin in my belly’s ear, “keep pushing forward, move on… So I say to you my sisteren and brethern, persist, move forward and the hardest task are that, but with humlity, peace and guidance from the Creator, the task and outcome is sooooooooooooo sweet and relaxing.. So crawl on, and sometimes it takes time to get to the other side, but no matter the time, our time isnt’t “his” time, so we must ingest patience infintiely. The turtle  kept on crawling and so can you…. 

Peace & Blessings

Peace & Grace

Much Love to each of you….Image


Crumbs of HAPPY

Peace & Grace Beautiful Beings:

This journey of life is something soooooo interesting, yet mystical at times that it can be quite sweet when you least expect it.. I have found out that sometime in the midst of confusion, disgust or aggravation, the Most High has a way of calming you and bring tranquility to your realm will simply shower some joy in your life and sprinkle some happy upon you.  Being in tune with your innermost self and most importantly being in tune with your beloved Creator can bring a sense of peace that makes the most turbulent storms, the funkiest of funks in your life, feel like just a simple breath of smog to blow out,,,, and blow away… And so I breathe, breath in positivity and exhale the funks, breathe in the love of God and embrace the being he has and is continually constructing me to be and I breathe, breathe.  I challenge you dear brothers and sisters to find the simplicity in the best things in life and smile back at the sun on a brand new morning and embrace life and tell GOD loving you is loving me all the more and for this moment I give thanks.. Now there’s your crumbs of happy to last you through your next blah moment.. The mere meal is thanksgiving and gratefulness for breath being blown in your shell, so the crumbs remind you ,, you are alive and still living and give him thanks and share the love with a stranger or a friend, and tell them, he, you were blessed when you woke up, because that was your first blessing of the day… Now smile from within and love yaself and each other..

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings to each of you

and may Peace & Grace dwell in your presence


Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” Davis

Slipping Back Into Me

Peace and Grace Beautiful Beings:

With much gratefulness I just want to share some reminders of embracing humility and loving up on the concept of thanksgiving. My dear Sistren and Brethren there is soooo much that we must continually be grateful for.  The numbers add up to multitudes of factors beyond that to be multiplicably listed. Such aspects of life within itself, along with five senses, sound mind and awareness of SELF.. Do you hear me, “awareness” of self I tell you.  So much has been going on in the world since the beginning of time and still remains to continue with its many going ons, but we as spiritual beings that stroll across these lands of gravel and dust must simply pause and say thanks to our Beloved Creator our Divine Father. It is him in whom I live move and breathe, and every chance I have breath, I thank him continually.  I got to thinking of the simplistic pleasures of life and the adoration of the sweet aspects that some nonchulantly bypass as just side notations. The sun warming my cheeks as the wind blows swiftly across my brow and the sight of the sunbeams smiling its warm rays that reminds, me, I’m never alone. The whistle of the breeze and song of the birds on a Saturday morning, that only my Maker composed. See I have found out that if we can rejoice and find pure joy in the little things, it makes the grander and greater that much more sweeter. So as I reflect on my week, which was a bit troubling, my mind was in overload and dwindling from one direction to the other, I wasn’t my normal physically and the daily challenges of working a job that I know is temporal but is BUT a stepping stone to my greater, I was reminded by a great friend that the funks that were hovering over me, weren’t and could not at all be as bad as I have experienced in the past and that well sometime rough patches come, but play the deck of cards  given and play the game. Truth be told I wanted to tell him, “but I’m not a card player”, but the depth of it was the moral to the old cliché’, sometimes when life gives you lemons make some lemonade, and well in my case I have to brainstorm how to make a lemon meringue pie, lemon custards, lemonade infused with other flavors, well you get my drift.. Use the sour and become creative and learn from the tools that are given and utilize not only my gifts but my mind and spirit to activate the motion and not tense up in a lemon bath.  Sometimes  we have to perform individual labotomies on our minds and spirits. Dissect out the stanky stuff, tear away and remove the debri of toxins that are poisoning our path to push forward and pray some prayers and moan some prayers and hymns from the very marrow of your bones to slip back into a better you, the you that you are destined and more importantly called to be. In all things we must give thanks and learn the lessons of this life to continually mature and matriculate as evolving beings and live instead of just existing. Take nothing or no one for granted my beloved Brethren and Sistren. GOD is amazing and makes no mistakes and maps our journey with the road signs if only we tune in and see with the spiritual eyes. So “see”, with your heart mind and spirit for you shall never be blinded by the specs that attempt to cloud your realms and your atmosphere upon where ever you shall be in the midst.

<Until my next post, Peace and Blessings to each of you, Peace & Infinite Love to you and your families>

Peace & Grace

Monique “1MOpoeticsoul” Davis.

© 04/5/2014

Spoonfulls of PEACE

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings:

It is the beginning of a new week and for some reason the word “peace” came to mind.  It can be applied in numerous situations and etc. but inner peace I tell you is something that is simply priceless… I had a conversation with one of my brothers this week and I inquired if perhaps I am “too” calm and why even in the face of adversity, why am I always soooooooooooo calm.. He replied swiftly, “Sis that’s inner peace”.. True it took a moment for me to grasp the response, but the more my mind simmered upon that statement I begin to think of how much I have grown as an individual and how through much soul searching, praying, much me time and everyday life experiences, I have a sense of peace that just places me at ease in the very moment of anything that may arise… Peace is a wonderful tool and when applied it makes a world of difference in any situation.  See here is what I want to remind you of,, the Most High God will give you peace in the midst of some hellacious storms.  A sense of calmness that will soothe your mind and heart and most of all your spirit in any and everything you experience.  I sip on peace every chance I get just to simmer my soul with some warming reminders that it’s really all, gonna be alright, in fact it is already alright and the road ahead may not have gold metaphorically speaking, but it will surely provide some calmness and PEACE in your realm…

Until next time, Peace & Blessings All,

Peace & Grace,

1Luv, Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D.

You Betta Give Thanks Babies

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Beings,

So it has been a bit since I have scripted some thoughts, but all have been carefully tucked within a safe chamber to share with you.  You know we sometimes find ourselves so caught up in the hustle and bustle of that thing called -Life.. But what I am finding out the further the journey goes, its amazing how our Beloved never leaves us and how no matter how funky situations can appear, feel and be, there is always some light at the end of some dark alley ways.. it may not be ultimately bright, but that’s because we sometimes have to fine tune the spiritual vision just as a oil lamp.  Carefully tweaking the sight to see the light is always there, may even be dim, but it always provides aid in your situation(s).  We must learn to be grateful in the midst of chaos and to find the thanksgiving in where we have come from. True we may not all be exactly where we want to be, but beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee grateful from the past you leave behind and in pure utterance give thanks you are still here.  No one said this journey would be easy but the sweetness of it all, is we overcome and reach survival status in the midst of the struggle because its the strengthening tool that internally builds our spirits and character.. For life, breath, sound mind, mobility and multiple abilities, give thanks….

Until next time, Peace & Blessings,

Peace & Grace All


Monique (1MOpoeticSoul) D.


Well there is a song that a songwriter once sing, Trouble Don’t Last Always.  Truth be told in the midst of the storms, these various whirlwinds, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, no matter what type of storm that may be raging in the midst of life, well there is always that small dose of peace in the midst of it all.  Life is quite amusing and so unpredictable. We can always prep but never quite know what to expect but one thing I have found to be true, if one clings upon the faith that sustains us from day to day and abolish those factors of funk, factors, such as dream snatchers, trouble talkers and downtalkers, the process does in fact roll a bit smoother.  I can’t say i believe in gold at the end of rainbows like skittles of happiness will magically appear, but I know in whom I place my trust… Finding humor in the most chaotic situations instead of dwelling on the crazinessNESS of the situations lightens the load. Just as the ole big mamas and grandmama’s sitting at base of beds calling on “My Master and Father” creator and Divine God of us all, hey all I can do at times is moan and lean and depend on my Maker.  Trouble don’t last always chile, it really don’t just pray and never waver to the storm winds blowin in your direction and move on forward hun..

Until the next post, Be Blessed

Peace & Blessings

Peace & Grace

1Luv, Monique D

Aren’t We All Just Simply Waiting To Exhale?

Peace  & Blessings Beautiful Beings:

SO, it’s Saturday, another second day of the weekend and I have absolutely no plans…  Found myself watching an all time chick click classic – Waiting to Exhale.. It was quite amusing to me that while watching this movie, as a single woman, it is very accurate.  Yes of course some of it has examples and theatrical metaphors but I found a bit of myself in each one of the characters..Go figure…lol   As a single woman the challenges, or should I say the everyday challenges of dealing the ups and downs and confusions of singlehood are unpredictable and there are no real manuals how to deal other than the experiences and the lessons you learn along the way.

Relationships, dating and meeting new individuals is a job that sometimes have great benefits and SOMETIMES, don’t even qualify for unemployment.  Keeping up with multiple personalities is tooooooo much for me, that’ why I have always found it wiser to have one friend at a time.  Trusting and let the flow actually flow between you and new guy on the scene is a script that you each write as you go along, very impromptu honey…  Personally out of all the men in the movie, my favorite character was James, the character that Wesley Snipes portrayed.  All the rest were pursing temporary fixes, sexual gratifications, games and lies, but in the end he only asked one thing of Bernie (Angela Basset’s Character). He says to her, “lets make tonight beautiful”.  Nothing sexual, secure and honest intimacy of the company and companionship of a true friend.  And in the end , isn’t that what we all really desire or at least claim to desire.  Seeing us for who we really are and accepting us with our flaws and embracing US.  This is the magical chemistry that matters the most and is the most endearing.

We as women have endless conversations with girlfriends, sisters, auntie  and with our mothers and no matter how much advice we are offered, you still got to experience the experience.  The objective is to get stronger and gain more knowledge along the way and be able to apply that along with all the “useful” advice you receive. Rather we are single in the city or single in the country we all are waiting to exhale at some point…. And it comforting in knowing the along the way, you gain a bit of wisdom and with that wisdom some of the craziest situations urge you to simply sit back and just have a chuckle,, simply saying out aloud to yourself, “my oh my, no what track is my life’s soundtrack playing now.  Now ladies, close your eyes, take a deep breath and BREATHE…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Love & Blessings,

Monique Davis

© Monique Davis