Embracing ya Roots

It has been within the very core of my every fiber since the loss of my uncle that we must be reminded of our “roots”  The lessons, the long talks, the lectures, the time you have with your family is —priceless.  Holding onto those moments will guide your through your path(s) of multiple roads you travel in this life.  Knowing who you are and being true to yourself and inhabiting respect for yourself and others is a generous helping of wisdom.  Embracing the spirit of great matriarch and patriarchs that architecture your very being within is what makes you, “you”.  I smile and am comforted in all the many lessons my uncle taught me rather he told me or simply displayed it within his character.  To love your family is to love yourself and enhance the love from whence you came.

Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones**



Savor The Truth

I got to thinking about the sweet and the sour… Two flavors that we all experience on this path called-LIFE…. And the important concept to remember is it’s not how “much” you go through, or even “what” you go through, but “how” you go through… Pain is a universal and so is happiness.  But finding the boundary and maintaining balance in the median of the two is the key….Here’s a thought that came to me the other day….

“Even in the a sour situation, find the sweetness of sincerity and always savor the truth”  ~Monique D

Here’s a blend of seasoning to add to your recipe of embracing the truth within..

Peace, Grace & Infinite Blessings All

1Luv, 1MOpoeticSoul

Dolce far Niente

“We call it “dolce far niente”, the sweetness of doing nothing.”

~ Quote from Eat Love Pray

This movie is a must see and it incorporates sooooooooooooooooo many thoughts that one can ingest within their soul…I thought of this quote from the movie and got to thinking…. We as beings that stroll these soil and paths of life get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of “to-do’s” and planning that sometime we need to be reminded that even in a little spare, time, its awesome to do absolutely nothing for a few moments.. Clear your mind, balance yourself, breathe, regroup.  Inhale life and give thanks for another day… Focus on your blessings and that hun, is sweetness we must savor.

Peace, Love, Infinite Blessings


Its A New Season

In this new season, and new year, my people, we have got to go forth is peace, positivity and be ready for the GREATness that the MOST HIGH has in store for us.  We will be tested, and tried too, but we are mighty and we some strong beings that will NOT be defeated…. Lift up a sister, lift up a brother with a kind word or random act of kindness….

Smile from within and radiate a light of love, peace and purpose one day at a time..

Peace, Blessings, Grace & Love,

1MOpoeticSoul (Monique D.)