Unapologetically Spirit Driven In Unique Flow


Peace & Grace my lovely and blessed beings….. So I have a practice of scripting my prayers when I feel they are verbally not magnifying my true conversation(s) with God.  In a continual path and journey of perfecting this living thing called life and “inner”standing the definitive of communing and seeking God and treading in truth and fighting faithfully to see in the sacred clarity of this earthly experience as a spiritual being. And so, this began to flow….. thought I would share…

Align thy thoughts and feelings within

To center to sacrecy, peace and wisdom

abolishing negative forces, spirits and beings

Radiate Divine Creator & God Almighty all over this soul, this mold of clay created by you

Lubricate me with peace

saturate me with your spirit


Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you., Monique 1MOpoeticSOUL”D.


Wonder of the Wilderness


Peace & Grace my lovely and beautiful beings…

In the grand world of adulthood, we generally rejoice once we have outgrown the adolescent phase and can make our own decisions and climb atop the mountain of independence.  But the price of independence and being an adult with grown folk situations and grown folk problems that occur can present the true reality of standing on your own feet.  Yes, you may have parents or friends in an inner circle who can be your support system, but this life brings unexpected announcements that grown folks manual did not print with instructions and with a detailed sketch of a strategic plan.  Whatever your spiritual belief is along with the strength that lives within you determines the flow.  But do not be mistaken, even if your spiritual height is advanced, does not exclude you from troubles on every angle from every direction.  Actually, it is quite common that the deepest of believers endure the most strife.  And well rather you believe it or not, you are being observed, so be mindful how you go through and how you reveal your struggle to others.  I got to thinking about some personal obstacles I am currently experiencing and it was like poured right into my being just as clear as water into a glass this morning.  I am going through what is known as a wilderness experience.  Wilderness experience is a common occurrence in the Christian faith where the people of Israel who were held in bondage of slavery were leaving Egypt and experienced the miraculous deliverance from the Red Sea, they then went through the desert which was a test and that they failed, and then the experienced was stretched for longer than what was intended.  But it was necessary for them to go through as we too must go through some stanky, foggy and uncomfortable situations. We too must tread through some places of discomfort and be in the midst of some rattlesnakes (enemies and ultimate fears) and heat that is sweltering and sometimes unbearable.  But we must continually strive for strength and apply endurance and submit at multiple times for pure guidance to know where to even go and how to prepare.  No one said this journey would be that of a simplistic one, but continual strength, endurance, and divine guidance are the keys to sanity in the moments that you feel lost and without courage.  Continue to prune out the factors that hold you back and chase peace desperately until you can see and find your way.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.

Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

The Breaks of it All


Peace & Grace my lovely and precious ones…

So, I got to thinking on my way to work of the rewind of my past two weeks.  Oh my gosh, they were everything categorized as turbulent with a gust of winds blowing me from Fahrenheit’s to freezing.  But it was on my way to town that the classic song by Kurtis Blow, “the breaks” came on.  I am rising along the long winding road in the misty morning and as many times as I have heard this song, this song was like a hallelujah moment.  We are going to past through some roads, tunnels, and bridges that have some unpredicted weather outcomes, but no matter what, as long as you continue to ride or stride, or tread, you will eventually get to the other side.  Through the wind rain, traffic jams, and bumpy road and endless under construction signs that appear, you have to simply allow some trials to roll off your back like a duck as the elders say.  ‘These” as the songs says – are the breaks…  But you got to find the beat and keep moving.  I admit, finding the tempo was a tedium and tireless journey for me past few weeks, but thankfully I can truly admit that these are the breaks. Two of my sista-friends reminded me during one of our interFREINDtions that even though we bend, we actually will not break.  We may feel brittle and feeble and down trodden, but we do arrive to resilience eventually.  It is amazing that even though we spend hard earned dollars to pay expenses for therapy sessions for an enlightening insight of our lives, we sometimes are our own therapist to each other.  Guess that is the blessing in communing in truth.  The facts of life my dear ones, is to simply take all the blends and deal with it and determine your amounts to find balance.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you… Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Saga of Secrets


Peace & Grace my precious beings…

So, I got to thinking about Hester Prynne in the classic Scarlett Letter novel.  She was forced to be publicly branded with attire that exposed her secret.  Now, in this free age of living, we carry so much harbored in our memories, souls and very beings. Why some persons probably possess the entire alphabet, if their secrets were released.  But what I’ve come to realize is, we must tread in our own truths, because even though we aren’t visibly branded, those skeletons, closeted in communion are conducting whispered discussions of your truth and unless you bear admittance, you are the one that is ultimately judged and held accountable for.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Denouncing the Manipulative Motivators in the Midst

not welcome


Peace & Grace my beautiful and precious ones….

The episodes of life bring such an array of cause and effect vs action and reaction of clauses we view quite often.  The moment you reach that pivotal moment you truly indulge in self-love and acknowledgment that “you” matter and no one can be better to you than “you”, it is not always a welcome committee rallying behind you.  Some friend shall show shades of green or in fact deep shaded of slate grey because the darkness hovers because they do not contribute to the light that you generate.  Family may, in fact, question your loyalty and or question your purpose of being.  As if you are placed on this earth to live for them.  But oh my beloved Shugas, when you become people free and choose to do you and live directly in your truth and I mean tread firmly in your truth, oh my the arrival of the Manipulative Motivators will show up to the scene. With no invite or rsvp, will appear on your purple carpet as if they were a special guess. So why purple carpet, because you’re royal Shuga.  And keep your security tight because the silent saboteur will attempt to slip through the back door.  So raise your awareness and consciousness to the lurking of the doubt that attempt to creep in and also the negative forces that some may inhabit and carry within their being.  Staying in tune is imperative and you must not only guard your spirit, but your heart and your mind equally in these days.  The resilience that is embedded with you, you must keep powered on and never allow it to go in sleep or rest mode.  Remain in a place of truth within yourself that you can conduct self-analysis and assess your process and apply that which is necessary when it is necessary.  Be not fooled by smiles and hugs for the fool wore smiles as he entertained for laughter, but his true identity is just what he is and attire he wears-a fool and foolish.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you

Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Mud of Magnificence


Peace & Grace my lovely and beautiful blessed beings…

Seeing your way through the grit of it all can sometimes be daunting and not to mention quite a tedium journey.  Life experiences present some not so sparkling situations that leave you stained, wrinkled and sometimes just damaged.  But that dark and uncomfortable process is, what is the making of something that is to be spectacular.  Just as a butterfly with majestic sight of wings floating in the air, be reminded it was once a slimy slow and non-attractive creature upon first sight.  And just as the lotus plant grows, its surroundings is not that of a five star quality with top-notch ratings nor is it probably a welcoming realm.  But the manifestation is a beautiful flower that blooms despite that muddy and swampy surrounding.  My lovely and precious ones remember some episodes in our lives are just ugly and not amusing or ones that we chose to dwell upon or gloat on.  We sometimes are forced to go through these phases alone or among those that can withstand the test as we and too those that inhabit the agility to go through the murky moments.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.

Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


The Intricacy of Your Fence



Peace & Grace my lovely and beautiful ones…

In protecting our homes and environment, we take measures and are very intricate in what applications we select in our safety.  But my question to you is, what lengths you will go to, to protect your mind and your very soul’s being.  Will you attempt to place a simplistic manmade wooden gate or will you research the latest technology in iron and electric gates that armor and shield with the greatest protection?  Some fences are made to keep others out and some are to keep you in? Will there be a key or a special code to enter? Does your fence allow others to see little, or nothing at all.  Of course this is speaking in metaphoric mindset, but you must be weary in these season’s experience of living.  Be cautious and conscious of who you allow within your personal realm and the limits of your availability and vulnerability to those beings.  Not everyone is worthy of being in your presence nor are they all sincere in their loyalty and concern for you.  If you must walk alone at times, then walk solo you must.  In all actuality sometimes you need to be alone to truly tune in and connect to the deeper and more powerful source.  You can also think and hear with sacred clarity when you are alone, there are no distractions.  Tune out all that which is going on and listen to what you truly hear within and direction will reveal itself.   Construct your hedge of protection from the toxins of foes and funks that attempt to dilute your sight and ability to feel your way through this stage.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.

Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL”D.