The Savor of Sanity



Peace & Grace to each of you my beautiful and blessed Shugas…. I tell you that thing called – Life is something and sometimes it takes you on some immediate swoops, curves, and spins at speeds you weren’t quite expecting.  But this is the main purpose why you must continue to pray, meditate and feed your inner self with the fruits of life and the intangible edibles such as peace, wisdom and the keen sense of listening to the gracious voice of the Most High for infinite guidance.

Regardless of the roadblocks and tumultuous weather that blow some funky winds along the journey, we must remain faithful and focused that we never walk alone for our Maker never leaves us.  He also allows us to experience different levels of atrocity to proctor and or observe how we deal.  That is what is so authentic and amazing about this journey.  We figure and find ourselves sometimes caught in the web of confusion of how much we face and sing the dreaded solos of “why me”.  When is fact Shuga, it’s not at all what the lesson is all about.  The fact of the matter is how you strategize the test.  Someone is also observing your strength and the magnitude of faith and agility you truly have and it appears in your actions and through you.  Am I saying, walk around as if it’s all pina coladas with umbrellas and a bright island sun shining on you as you vacate from life’s routine? No, darling.  Be honest and transparent but always acknowledge that you know trouble really doesn’t last always despite how it may feel and that even in the darkest of situations, there is always a light somewhere that will provide guidance out of the tunnel of what seems to be the grandest defeat.

A dear sister told me to “soak in peace” or “soak in peacefulness”.  Oh, my goodness, that was the greatest advice I have received in a while and it resonates with me all the time.  Because although it sounds soooooooo incredible simplistic it is a grand concept that holds much depth and it’s sweet at the same time.  Peace is priceless and can never be concealed in a box, a bag nor is it a trinket.  Once you obtain it, recognize it, ingest it and sip on it and then as my sister says, “soak in it”.  That is a sweet power that can upgrade your cocoon to wings in a matter of moments.  Swiftly flying above any and all obstacles with grace and guidance that your peace is greater and rise far beyond any trouble that attempts to throw some fog in your forecast.  Fly with a fortitude of faith and favor and you shall never fail.

My lovely Shugas, be encouraged and never be too busy to pass on a positive word and share a smile or warm hug with someone, “just because.”

Love & blessings to you, you and you,

Monique 1MOpoeticSOUL D.


Self Release – The Let Go & Truth Dosage



Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones… Sometimes we must face our own selves and conduct a self-therapeutic session… Yesterday in a rush of emotions of all the occurrences going on around me in my family with friends and etc., I felt an overload and in the midst of hearing a song a dear friend share with me, I was filled with words and had to sit to her computer and script out my thoughts and release and I tell you.  It was as if after the last word I typed, I could breathe.  In hopes that this will challenge perhaps you to identify that which is attempting to plague your mind, body or soul or infact all three and your balance beam is titled, read this and I dare you to release and let go and simply see you and tap into that strength and peace within that keeps you sane.  Enjoy..

So, we all must reach that appointed and pivotal point in life with the you that you truly are, at this present time to be true to yourself and be truthful with yourself and most of all be true and transparent with both myself/yourself and God.  So, if I can’t hide from my Baba, why shield myself from my ownself.  Guarding myself with robotical altitudes, its so ok to admit to my emotional infirmities and to sometimes just be in dismay and disgust and to simply purge… Cleanse this soul and mind and simply cleave to the peaceful peace and conform to only the proportions of clarity as they reveal themselves. Accept what is true and what is the truth and reality.  At some times this may simply mean scripting as if my fingertips were matches lighting flames to my truths and testimonials.  Script my soul free is all I know and what only gives me peace other than coversating with my creator-prayer.  So, script I do.  Some griot way before me was me and we were he she and him and her, there was a griot in some distant land scripting scribes and preaching sermons under trees and prophets telling of what only they and God can see.  And so, I script and share just as they did and too singing psalms of proverbs dripping from my soul bearing this soul.  I set my soul free and remind myself of simply praising in the gift to release, give thanks and to share and encourage all in the same breath of truth. And so, I give thanks for release and give constant thanks in fervent prayers of simply treading deeper into my truth. Ase` & Amen

Love & Blessings to you, you, and you. Monique “1MOpoetcSOUL” D.


Falling Into The Season




Peace & Blessings you beautiful blessed being…

My sincerest regrets for such an extended time of absence from sharing with you.  But my dear ones, it is imperative that sometimes you must step away from normalcy and commune with oneself.  Much clarity and awakenings occur when you interrupt your life with a balance bulletin.  With autumn or fall as some refer to it finally making its presence known in the atmosphere, the change has begun.  I always found it strange that I was born in the spring, but autumn is my favorite season.  Now while some think this is the appointed time to give thanks I disagree wholeheartedly.  You must give thanks at all times.  But the harvest season and season of change with all the hues of the earth reveal themselves.  I got to thinking while driving this morning and gazing at some trees as they slowly leaned back or forth, all were green.  And well with green being the color of life and vitality, it’s simple, they are living creations.  But oh my, the miraculous truth unveils when those true hues begin to reveal their true species and originality.  The concoction of browns, rust, golds, yellows, faded greens, and orange tones all are colors of the season which all come from the roots and earth which is black and brown.  The roots are the lifelines of the forest and nature.  Just as roots connect the lifeline of plants so do the veins and arteries in human and animal creations.  Yet in summer, all is green – the season that I feel reminds us to live for the change that is approaching and what we must prepare ourselves for.  So this season I challenge you to fall into a grander state of the you, you truly are designed to be.  Ingest the spices of apples, oranges and cinnamon mulled with nutmeg and such.  Delight in the savory sacrecy of comforting consciousness.

Love & Blessings to each of you my lovely Shugas.

Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Live!Live! Live!


Peace & Grace my lovely and beautiful ones… Post eclipse I must say I am still yet grateful for the gift of life and opportunity to be something great and do something amazing.  Although the astonishment of the universe’s scene of amazement in the sky may symbolize many things in different purposes, I still yet simply just give thanks.  We must not get so caught up in the hype and commercialized aspect of moments.  But rather embrace the priceless moments that cannot be replicated nor the moment of witnesses a majestic move of our Creator.  As I stood on the porch with my mom, we traded the eclipse eyewear and just continuously smiled at each other, gave thanks for not counting it robbery to ignore such a scene and locked into the atmosphere of shift.   We must continue to live and abolish mere existing and just as the sweet breath that was blown into our shells, we must Live! Live! Live!  Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Pushing Forward


“Raise the rest of your life to meet you.”

~Tyrion Lannister

Peace & Grace to you my lovely and beautiful ones…

I found the quote listed above written on a post it.  Having no clue how long ago I jotted it down, where I saw read it or how long ago, it was in plain sight of my view this morning.  Infinitely grateful for always staying tune and never ignoring when a message is being placed just for me at that specific “right now” time.  After attending a poetry family reunion with my siblings and returning back to my normal routine and life, I felt a bit weighed down.  Simply because when you have been in the company of nothing but positive energy, humble and sincere souls, those that honestly love you and see you and not the mention being in a realm of infectious inspiration, it is a bit difficult to leave it.  But we must return to our normal routines and to our lives.  On the other hand, when you are engulfed with so many pestilence attitudes and constant strife, it is a bit daunting to get back into that willingly.  But this morning when I found this quote, and allowed it to simmer within my inner woman.  We must be able to ride or stroll along in any weather as we travel and no matter the calmness or tumultuous effects in our midst, you must stay and be reminded of the intangible gifts that reside within and the uplifting spirit of those that see you and know that no matter what, you are someone who matters and never hide behind your situation and push, push, push on forward pass the pain, pass the strife, pass the pressures that those around you, that you must deal with and don’t allow it to dictate your spirits strength and determine your resilience.  Being in solitude can be sweet and at times can be just as solitary and you become consumed of your own obstacles, but you must remember you were chosen and selected for this time, for much as a  time as this to be amazing and be instrumental in what the Most High has placed within.  Never shelter yourself within your feelings…Continue to maturate within to truly see the depth of what this life brings and your assignment and determination to continuing pushing being the bright beam of light that you are.  Share that light in your words, your kind and random acts to and for others, show love, share your heart with a simple smile.  I met another me this weekend and I am so grateful for those appointed siblings that were and are placed within my life for a purpose.  Although you may be consumed with many storms focus on the calmness and sweet peace of light that soothes the atmosphere.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Windows of GREEN


Peace & Grace to you my lovely Shugas…

You know jealousy is a crazy power that takes over the foolish and mindlessness ones.  It still baffles me why and how folks are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo incredibly envious and bleeding emerald green when the truth cuts them.  In fact what is totally redundant to me is the reasons known and unknown why those being lash at you with such hatred and animosity.  But I have found out instead of stopping to the levels of ignorance, it pays more in humility and growth to be the grander person and ignore it and be the better and wiser one.  After all, ignorance gets one nowhere and certainly, no foreigner inherits your birthright and the intangible aspect of the “you” you are.  You cannot be ignored temporarily but never erased and your worth is far wealthy than naysayers, dreamcrushers and ruin runners.  Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.  Love & Blessings, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Price PEACE of Mind


Peace & grace to you beautiful and bountifully blessed ones…. I got to thinking of the value in the intangible medicinal aids we have access to and Shuga, Peace is at the top of the list.. You can always use more and the refill bucket is necessary depending on your life’s experiences and situations.

Peace is priceless. Peace is infinite when you remain in tune with the grace of the Almighty.  And the moment you consume peace and feast on it, there is no other dish that compares.  You will endlessly rsvp to be at the table to ingest a multitude of it sweet and tranquil buffet.  It can dwindle when life’s experiences throws curve balls but I am telling you once you retreat to the happy place in your mind and then back in your sacred spot, I’m telling you the joy you will have is beyond ahhhhhmazing.  PEACE of mind is far greater than “piece” of mind.

Love & Blessing to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.