Psalm of the Oracles


Peace & Grace my precious and beautiful Shugas…..

It is simply ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmazing how the spirit of the humble elders exude such a dynamic yet meek aura.  The spirit that lives within your inner most being most definitely speaks volumes and not one word has to be uttered.  I had the opportunity to assist and sit with an elder mother this past weekend.  With all the ruckus and confusion in the midst with heightened emotions all in the mix, just being in the company of a sacred and sweet soul, cooled me as cucumbers and with the right amount of sweetness as a glass of southern wine as I call it, known to most as sweet iced tea.  In my mind I had to immediately give thanks and utter an internal thanks to my Maker because it was her sweet delicate yet wise spirit that brought a peaceful calmness upon me and I knew it was Divine in all its ways.  Give thanks for consciousness and awareness to recognize when to obey and flow in the realm of the Almighty ingesting the Divine lessons.  Endless mounds of blessings I pray among our elders that still share these realms of living with us on these earth lands and for instilling a wealth and richness into our very sense of being, thinking and flowing.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


When You Must, Gotta & Betta Replenish YaSOUL


Peace & Grace to each of you my lovely and precious Shugas….

Alright my lovely and precious blessed Shuga, here’s a morsel of momentum for you.. Sometimes you have to willingly and freely dip yourself into a pool positivism and pure purpose to saturate yourself with truth and wash off the foul funks of those people, situations and or realms that attempt to infiltrate your flow in gracious and most needed land of forwarDOM.. Yes, I said, “forwarDOM.   The land of moving ahead and never treading back.  Remember my Shugas you can never flow in the future with your foot stuck in quick sand sinking deep into the past.  It’s mid-week and “hump” day as some say and ‘m sharing serving up some Wednesday Wisdom.

Love & Blessings to you, you and you… Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Let Nina soothe those ears after you chew on those soul scripts above…

Evolving Eminently



Peace & Grace to each of you my lovely and precious Shugas…

We all maturate at different paces in these life stages.  NO book can predict when you will experience true love when you will finally do every day what give you pure joy, swallow the gist of what has been told to you for yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.  One must not fail to fall into the traps of planning life and attempt to sketch the life itinerary, because most times, you are lead down alternate routes and must travel some unfamiliar conditions that are all a part of your spirit structure and test of faith and fortitude.  So take a moment to reflect on some wise words that were shared with you and lessons that were offered.  Always be willing to sit at the feet of your elders and those that have experienced these life’s pages as you flip from chapter to chapter of -The Journey providing you with “gleaning nuggets.  Never become drunkenness with knowing it all, you must be willing to listen and learn as a student and allow the teachers that the Most High places you in your life.

Growing and acknowledging your quirks and how to manage balance and too, applying correction to behaviors and mindsets and too routines that need tweaking. Continually check yourself Shugas,, take a personal inventory and assessment of yourself.  Continually strive to be conscious and aware of your state of mind and spirit that drives you.  No matter how much you evolve, always give thanks for those that can sincerely challenge you to be better.  Sit at the feet of your elders and let the wisdom shower upon you and soak up the gracious goodness as wise ones speak.  Walk deeper into your purpose and the eminent embrace of being the “you” you truly are to be.

Love & Blessings to you, you and you.. .Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL”D.

Slipping Into YOU


Peace & Grace to you my lovely and precious Shugas….

With endless gratefulness, I spread mounds of love and blessings upon each of you, this first day of a brand new year.  We all have experienced our share of roller coasters and turbulence in the midst of the year, along with some high notes that warm you and soothe you with pure joy.  But the important factor is to be reminded of the lessons that were learned and the growth that you matriculated within your inner self from one level to the next in this Journey of ~ Life.

With this new year beginning on a Monday its all the more to start it with balance, focus and with truth and realDOM.  Remaining true and I cannot stress enough of living in your truth and keeping it at a 100 percentage boulevard of the real real.  NO need to sugar coat and uniform the core, let greatest grandest YOU be revealed and be the one that you are truly to be.  Shakespeare quoted, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

So my precious beings here is a thought I am leaving with you to nibble on this 1st of the 2018… Ever think about uniforms, bodysuits, and form-fitting gear? So my inquiry for you is when will you and how shall you prepare to garment yourself with your true skin”?  We are all woven from different fabrics yet woven together with a special quality of uniqueness that makes us who we are.  We foreshadow different hues, some of the rainbow, some of the earth’s grounds, some of the seasons, then you have those eclectic souls life myself who have morsels of all of those shades.  No matter the fabric or the shade, wear your skin comfortably and do it unapologetically.  Auntie Mame told her guest to “LIVE, LIVE, LIVE” and to you I remind you that no matter what occurs, we must do just that- LIVE.  Be flawless and fearless.

Mount your spirit with positivity and perseverance and ride 2018 with favor and fortitude.  ~1MOpoeticSOUL

Love & Blessings to you, you and you, Monique “1MOPoeticSOUL” D.

Here’s a lil tune to jumpstart the year and message for you resonate on… Be you and let the world see the blessed and unique being that you…


Finding Your Happy in a People Pleasing Free Realm



Peace & Grace My Lovely and Beautiful Ones… It is my hope that you have been embraced with the sweet grace of the Most High this season and gently warmed with the hugs of loved ones and that your cheeks perhaps ache a bit because you have been smiling and laughing with much joy and ingesting the greatest medicine of our Maker, laughter.

I got to thinking about the intangible gifts that we have and are endlessly blessed with.  We spend precious moments of our lives and throughout the day sometimes on a routine basis, doing everything that is expected of us, needed of us, wanted for us and demanded of us.  But during these past few months and certainly this season in which we are currently in, I got the greatest lesson.  So read carefully and sip on this, because it is sure to steep your soul in some peace and gratefulness.  The moment you finally find your happy and deleted all the points in your people-pleasing realm, sweet peace and pure joy floods your life.  The process to getting to the peak of this mountain is a tedium journey and it is forever another level with higher heights, but each height you reach strengthens you and structures your core of who you truly and are destined to be.  I admit I had been a bit worn and jaded from giving my all to everyone and no happy in my account and shunning “me” because I have zero selfish bones in my body and selflessness just comes naturally for me.  But I decided to sip on some happy and I like the flavor and I have totally withdrawn from the people pleasing diet regiment and finally living totally for me.

Freedom, peace, and pure happiness are so grand, there is no box or bag that can carry it nor a wide enough bow to wrap it.  That is the comfort of knowing that it is limitless my dears.  And even as the day progresses, sit in some silence to reflect on simply “just being” and absorbing the sweetness that is accompanied by God’s blessings.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you… Spread some joy and then spread another dose and another and then sprinkle some in the atmosphere everywhere you tread.  Leave an essence of peace and goodness for someone to soak up…  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

The Savor of Sanity



Peace & Grace to each of you my beautiful and blessed Shugas…. I tell you that thing called – Life is something and sometimes it takes you on some immediate swoops, curves, and spins at speeds you weren’t quite expecting.  But this is the main purpose why you must continue to pray, meditate and feed your inner self with the fruits of life and the intangible edibles such as peace, wisdom and the keen sense of listening to the gracious voice of the Most High for infinite guidance.

Regardless of the roadblocks and tumultuous weather that blow some funky winds along the journey, we must remain faithful and focused that we never walk alone for our Maker never leaves us.  He also allows us to experience different levels of atrocity to proctor and or observe how we deal.  That is what is so authentic and amazing about this journey.  We figure and find ourselves sometimes caught in the web of confusion of how much we face and sing the dreaded solos of “why me”.  When is fact Shuga, it’s not at all what the lesson is all about.  The fact of the matter is how you strategize the test.  Someone is also observing your strength and the magnitude of faith and agility you truly have and it appears in your actions and through you.  Am I saying, walk around as if it’s all pina coladas with umbrellas and a bright island sun shining on you as you vacate from life’s routine? No, darling.  Be honest and transparent but always acknowledge that you know trouble really doesn’t last always despite how it may feel and that even in the darkest of situations, there is always a light somewhere that will provide guidance out of the tunnel of what seems to be the grandest defeat.

A dear sister told me to “soak in peace” or “soak in peacefulness”.  Oh, my goodness, that was the greatest advice I have received in a while and it resonates with me all the time.  Because although it sounds soooooooo incredible simplistic it is a grand concept that holds much depth and it’s sweet at the same time.  Peace is priceless and can never be concealed in a box, a bag nor is it a trinket.  Once you obtain it, recognize it, ingest it and sip on it and then as my sister says, “soak in it”.  That is a sweet power that can upgrade your cocoon to wings in a matter of moments.  Swiftly flying above any and all obstacles with grace and guidance that your peace is greater and rise far beyond any trouble that attempts to throw some fog in your forecast.  Fly with a fortitude of faith and favor and you shall never fail.

My lovely Shugas, be encouraged and never be too busy to pass on a positive word and share a smile or warm hug with someone, “just because.”

Love & blessings to you, you and you,

Monique 1MOpoeticSOUL D.

Self Release – The Let Go & Truth Dosage



Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones… Sometimes we must face our own selves and conduct a self-therapeutic session… Yesterday in a rush of emotions of all the occurrences going on around me in my family with friends and etc., I felt an overload and in the midst of hearing a song a dear friend share with me, I was filled with words and had to sit to her computer and script out my thoughts and release and I tell you.  It was as if after the last word I typed, I could breathe.  In hopes that this will challenge perhaps you to identify that which is attempting to plague your mind, body or soul or infact all three and your balance beam is titled, read this and I dare you to release and let go and simply see you and tap into that strength and peace within that keeps you sane.  Enjoy..

So, we all must reach that appointed and pivotal point in life with the you that you truly are, at this present time to be true to yourself and be truthful with yourself and most of all be true and transparent with both myself/yourself and God.  So, if I can’t hide from my Baba, why shield myself from my ownself.  Guarding myself with robotical altitudes, its so ok to admit to my emotional infirmities and to sometimes just be in dismay and disgust and to simply purge… Cleanse this soul and mind and simply cleave to the peaceful peace and conform to only the proportions of clarity as they reveal themselves. Accept what is true and what is the truth and reality.  At some times this may simply mean scripting as if my fingertips were matches lighting flames to my truths and testimonials.  Script my soul free is all I know and what only gives me peace other than coversating with my creator-prayer.  So, script I do.  Some griot way before me was me and we were he she and him and her, there was a griot in some distant land scripting scribes and preaching sermons under trees and prophets telling of what only they and God can see.  And so, I script and share just as they did and too singing psalms of proverbs dripping from my soul bearing this soul.  I set my soul free and remind myself of simply praising in the gift to release, give thanks and to share and encourage all in the same breath of truth. And so, I give thanks for release and give constant thanks in fervent prayers of simply treading deeper into my truth. Ase` & Amen

Love & Blessings to you, you, and you. Monique “1MOpoetcSOUL” D.