Redeeming Road to a Refreshed Soul


Peace & Grace beautiful and wonderful fearless beings in the realm of LIFE…

Grateful to report I finally had the opportunity step into a different atmosphere that was not only welcoming but – refreshing.  With so much rhetoric and some mighty euroclydons in my life, it was a breath of air and an uplifting experience to be reminded that sooner or later, the precipitation shall clear up.  The turbulence that is at times ongoing in my work life and here and there in my personal just has its limits at times.  You know those moments, you throw in the towels, the blankets and your shoes.  You haven’t a clue which direction to tread in or what type prerequisites are necessary.  But one thing I do know is, you must remain rooted in your spirit-man/spirit-woman when you feel you have lost your way.  It is if your compass has been in an extended repair and you are totally clueless.  I am learning that this journey presents some trips where you may need sandals, boots, sneakers and some steel toes at times. But you must always wear some type cover for your soles leading your soul.  Simmer on that nugget.  Yes, yes, you must always wear some type cover for your soles leading your soul.

Sometimes perhaps you need to feel that breeze upon your feet to be sprinkled with some sacrecy.  Then there maybe others, when you need boots or goulashes to remind you how deep you treaded in some interesting waters.    But my dear ones, remain transparent with yourself when treading and stepping through these conditions of the wilderness because you must be true to self and the Awesome Creator in order to grow and maintain continual growth.  Keep it real, be real, keep it 100.  The continual cultivating of your mind and soul must take place, to truly under and inner-stand how to live this life as true spiritual beings upon this place called Earth.  True, there are some earthlings that think they have this thing all figured out and as if it is to be led by roles, regulations and protocol as it this life comes with a manmade manual boxing you into denomination doctrines.   But no person can predicate what is holy and sacred.  You must remain in tune with the true and sacred truth of the Divine Maker and Father of us all.  The journey continues, yet one must always upgrade and maintain maintenance on the tools that you use to stay afloat.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


The Redeeming Value in Valor



Peace  & Grace My Lovely & Beautiful Ones…

So, there has been a scriptCATION because I haven’t been able to blog lately, but trust me on lovely ones, the delay is always worth it.  Much has occurred since my last post, but here I am still yet grateful and thankful for life’s blessings and miraculous move on my behalf and for others around me.  We sometimes must conduct self-analysis our own selves and check ourselves. Just because there are familiar situations you may have experienced and aspects you feel you have experience with does not necessarily make you a master.  It tags you as experienced. But the true wise one will take each experience and learn something greater and deeper each time.  Redemption is a common aspect, tem even that we are knowledgeable of, BUT Shuga until you truly go through the treacherous trails and dark routes and shaky bridges that this life sometimes presents, you truly “inner”stand the full definitive of being redeemed and redemption.  It can be sweet and rewarding at the end, but the process like any other tedium journey present obstacles, test of faith and the structure and strength of your character, but oh my goodness gracious, the priceless and astounding plethora of joy when you overcome what could have broke you and stand tall looking at the valleys you crawled from, I am telling you, “Shuga”, you have matriculate to greater and grander.  And so the lessons continue and learn, yield and ingest you must.  Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.