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Bowl of Life




Peace & Grace to you my lovely and beautiful ones….

We must never ignore the mere important factor of life and living.  We sometimes indirectly get entangled in the loops, swirls and tug of war that routine and life’s situations brings us.  BUT we must never ever ignore the important of simply “living”.  This thing called “life” is so precious and just as breath being carefully and intricately blown in that shell of your mortal body, it can be swiftly or gradually taken away.  I have a vision of a goldfish when it’s taken from the bowl.  He gasps and his gills are moving and constricting for air for that moisture and struggles to find that sweet pleasure of breath.  If he is not quickly placed back in, he flips around and gradually inhales and exhales slowly and as that tempo declines he succumbs.  But if he is placed in that water in time, we just whisp right along with the waves of the water and flows in his motion.  For that pure motion, give thanks.  The tempos may vary at times and sometimes that dry air and constriction to push through may be a tedium journey, but just push through to swift through the great bowl of life and living… Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

The Honor of Mothering –Mother’s Day Note





Peace & Grace to each of you my lovely Shugas…

This is my Mother’s Day edition mound of love and truth I must share with you.  Just Christmas, New Years and some other holidays, media and society has taken it somewhere that is very commercial. And although it is an observed holiday we have got to remember my beautiful ones that we must celebrate our mothers every day and not just the Sunday set aside. It is not about the grandest gift nor greatest deed, it’s all about love.  For many it is a triumph getting through for having lost a mother or mother figure, so some choose to not acknowledge it.  My personal perspective is to respect the choices of others because we all heal, deal and accept things differently.  Let us also be reminded that not only those that birth children are mothers either.  Those nurturers who may have never given birth are some of the key ingredients in our lives that make us who we are.  That elder in the community, that mother in the church who never carried a fetus but mothered more children to count.  For those caretakers and sweet souls that step in when parents are nowhere to be found and cradle seeds from birth, from the streets or those that are lost.  For the foster moms that open their open hearts and homes to unwanted and broken ones, loving and caring for them until they are ready to fly further in their journey.  For the aunties and big sisters who are the “Jr. Mothers” on patrol when mom wasn’t around or until she returned.  And last but not least for all those women carrying  a dream in their soul, you dear beautiful one, are bearing a seed that shall come to fruition and be birthed when the Most High crowns that vision with his blessing your birthing shall release some spectacular and Divine.

In memory of my Grandma East Mae who birthed my mom and late auntie, I celebrate her everyday with the lessons my mom passed and continues to pass on. Much love and endless kisses to heaven to my Auntie Eve for being the sugar and spice that molded me to be a unique one and embody the womanly soul of the model of being a leader.  To my Granny, Phe Phe, for the old soul and sweet essence of being stern, loving and being secure in being a strong woman independently, if I could hug you now, I know it was exude scents of pond face cream, sweet and gentle just as you.. Last but certainly not least, to my Mother, my sweet Rock, I am grateful that God allowed me to be wombed in your belly.  For all the lessons learned and all the talks and wisdom, I open my ears and heart for you to pour in as much as you can so that I may be a fraction of the greatness you are.  My love and words are my greatest assets I have to offer you, because they don’t and won’t expire.  Blessings to all the mothers and mothers to be near and far, known and unknown.  Love up on your moms if they are still present and for those that have transitioned, carry them in remembrance of the lessons and all of them that lives within you.  Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.… Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL”D.

Respiration of Resilience




Peace & Grace To You My Beautiful Ones…

The power within the human spirit is majestically miraculous.  We sometimes unknowingly ignore and don’t realize the strength that abides deep in the fibers of our beings.  True now, we all inhabit different levels of strength, but that depends on your faith magnitude intertwined with the maturation of your mind and character as a person.  But there is something amazingly authentic when you recognize your strengths are greater than your weaknesses and that you not only rise above adversity but you thrive in truth and tenacity.  If you reciprocate the plantings of purposeful seeds in your garden of life, you shall continually ingest the grandness of your garden of virtue as you respirate your resilience. Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Fleeing The Fear



free woman.jpg

Peace & Grace to you my Lovely and Beautiful Ones…

Heard a song this morning, quite a vintage tune it was.  But you ever have a moment when you heard the song millions of times, but it’s at that appointed moment you truly heard it for the first time.  Being one of the arts and truly tuning into all senses, I hear the words and melodies and harmonies all in sync yet all individual and see the story being told.  First heard the song, one a classic comedy “First Wives” with my dear cussinfriend.  In the movie these women were taking back their identities and independence of who they were before they married and who they grew to be post crazy divorces.  However, when I heard a cover by a new artist it spoke to me in volumes of magnitude.  We are born to parents into families, live in societies and stroll through life through the various boulevards of left and right turns and curves of people’s expectations depending upon their beliefs and own feelings.  But my, oh my, it’s not only the moment when women thought it necessary to burn bras to advocate their rights and raise their voices or when hunger strikes took place in protest of Vietnam or marches and boycotts during the Civil Rights Movement played in repetition in heavy rotation that we must be heard, but it is your own solemn prerogative to live “your” life and live it by your means and merits.  No one owns you, nor do they hold the keys to your future or papers to your freedom.  Be free and be the soul that lives within.  You’re not a sideshow oddity, you are unique.  You inhabit the skills and gifts that are amazingly authentic and there is only one you.  You are not a carton of milk or property item on a shelf stamped “expired”.  When you feel a bit dusty, hey, polish yourself up and reinvent you and be the “you” that “truly” lives within.  We can’t live for others, we can’t be the mantel piece Oscar many try to mold us to be as showpieces and examples.  Your quirks are quintessential and your value is priceless.   This is a salute to those that are of the different and eccentric kind gifted with the consciousness of Divine wisdom and utilizing that which is placed within you.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Take a listen and lubricate your audibles to this tune… Be you, my lovely ones and do it unapologetic ally.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1saJvhS3LiA

Grace of the Immaculate Embrace



Peace & Grace to you my Lovely Shugas…

So because we fight ongoing battles in this life and our weapons are not carnal, I ingest the conscious capsules of the Holy Ghost.  Embracing sincere sibling love with perfect strangers that confirm to me your (Our Father’s infinite wisdom) message and adjust our spiritual intuition on the faith frequency of favor and fervent prayers in humble thanksgiving in advance.

Yesterday while having dinner at a restaurant, as I was sitting awaiting my meal, a woman walked to the table next to me.  Her shirt read, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart”.  Now because I am the person that I am, I immediately gave thanks to my maker and Father instantly for the word and message of confirmation and a much needed word of encouragement.  I instantly wanted to tell her oh my I am sooooooooooo loving your shirt.  But I took a brief moment to ingest the message and simmer on it.  I then looked at her and said, your shirt was confirmation and I so needed that. She replied, “oh yes, and he is able and we must place all trust in him.”  The warm smile from a perfect stranger but all at the same time from a kind familiar soul who at that appointed time were on perfect accord- a sacred accord. We began a brief convo and then flowed into breaking bread individually.  She, with her husband, I, with me myself and the Most High, because he is always with me, “so hey” even when I am alone in natural eyes, I am never alone.  Then the most miraculous occurrence took place.  As I ended my meal, I was in a bit of deep thought for a few moments, and then this tender woman, who I had been conversing with comes to my table embraces me and says, “you continue to trust in him and everything is going to be alright because he is control”.  As we embraced and then pulled away and grabbed hands, I looked into her eyes and told her, give thanks, Thank you… She nodded her head and responded with a warm smile.

As I began to gather my things and pay the check to the waitress, I walked to their table and told them to have safe travels back home as they were traveling and were mid-way their destination.  As I walked out of the restaurant, I just begin to give thanks within my spirit because ministry can occur anywhere and when you are open to truly hearing God and being a sincere and ready vessel, he will move and speak in ways that are so unconventional, but in times such as these, it is tailored just for your specific needs and always on time.  We must sweep away the traditional ways of ministering and being in line with orur calling and too, our spiritual consciousness and be ready at all times when you are about to receive a blessing, a confirmation, direction and guidance on situations in your life that only you the Beloved Father know.  Stay in tune Shugas and never close an eye on the light than is shining in your direction or turn a deaf ear when something is sacredly being released in the atmosphere to lubricate your spirit.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Springing Forth Fortitude



Peace & Grace to you My Lovely & Beautiful Shugas,

With spring quickly approaching, the tradition of spring cleaning came to mind.  During my childhood, it was a ritual that when spring made its opening act, spring cleaning commenced.  With the new season of warmth, cool breeze, new blooms and blossoms of the newness that once was dormant and in hibernation now springs forth, the actual New Year truly begins.  With that concept being ingested, I am noticing the fall of pollen and signs of a new season peeking through each day as the calendar strolls along.  With this very idea in mind, it’s time to clean the cupboards, closets and corners and realms of life as well.  Anything that resides in your life, be it people, old skeletons, outdated mindsets and/or expired rituals that did and do no help to your progression, pull it out, pack it up and let it go. The cob webs that chill in the corner that con you to cling upon your old ways and mindset of settling and just dealing with the acceptance of it all, dust it away.  Fear and procrastination may continuously call you like unwanted telemarketers, but Shuga, when you identify it, block it and proceed with your cleaning.  Take inventory of people, habits, routines and the aura that is your halo.  If those variables, don’t fit, interrupt and/or cause interruption in who you are working on becoming and stunts the growth that you are seeking, shed it, let it go, wipe it or them away and start fresh, new cycle, new day, new season.  Let the spring fever began and may new blossoms bloom with greatness manifesting an awakening of a better and brighter you!!!

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.



Are We “REALLY” Ours Sister’s Keepers??


Are We Our Sister’s Keepers?


The acts and purpose of sisterhood reclined within the crevices of my mind this morning.  Sisterhoods have been formed for years and ages and many moons ago… Some for specific purposes, some for social, some for spiritual, some ritualistic, some pertaining to groups and networks, but no matter the purpose, the general concept is the coming together of a group, a circle, a community a fold of women that will go beyond the thought of self to aid in the need of a fellow sister, known or unknown.  We preach on being our sister’s keepers to other, but we must not lose sight and become foggy on the embrace and arms we stretch to those in our inner circles.  Saving those abroad and loss is the mission at times, but we must never find fall into the residency of working and doing for others and slight our own.  We too must uplift each other and be accountable for knowing simply if our sisters around the corner or the ones on speed dial are not going through true trauma and painting smiles and poker faces to maintain the strong woman repertoire but are utterly broken, lost and in dire needs of someone to simply listen, embrace her and prayer with her and for her. Shed tears together and heal together with the properties of faith, Divine and Sacred wisdom and guidance of the Most High God and in unison on one accord calling out the aspects of life that are turbulent and praying that the weights be lifted from our minds, our spirits and our bodies.  “Sisterhood” should an action word not a mere noun,(person, place or thing) it should be a devoted action of love, humility and concern.  Are you exemplifying the true spirit of sisterhood?  Healing and helping hands for ourselves and those that are close and dear should be among the top criteria in truly flowing in the outreach of our women and fellow sisters. Take inventory of the actions taken and set self aside.  We must stay aligned in the spirit of love and sincerity.



© Monique Davis